Slick’s Barbershop Typographic Window Art

Based in Glasgow, Slick's Barbershop invite local illustrators to transform their shop front window.

Following the success of Slick’s Barbershop Typographic Window Art vol.01, Scottish born multi-disciplined designer Craig Black was challenged to create a design that would advertise The Shave Room whilst keeping the Slick’s ethos strong.

After being invited by The University West of Scotland to talk to their design students, Craig decided to give the students the opportunity to get involved and help him bring the project to life; “Thinking about the big challenge ahead and the quick turnaround of two days to complete, I reached out to a fantastic group of student/freelance graphic designers, photographer and film crew to collaborate on this exciting project.” said Craig.

A making of video is now on Vimeo, which documents the project from start to finish.

Slick’s Barbershop Typographic Window Mural from Craig Black on Vimeo.

To bring the concept of ‘The Shave Room’ to the front of people’s eyes, I designed a geometric frame around both typographic designs which shows a continuity of the Slick’s brand.

Craig Black

The main purpose of my work is to create a unique and powerful connection with the viewer.

Craig Black

Taking inspiration from architecture, design and everything life has to give, Craig pursues his passion for typography (be it hand-drawn, crafted or digital).

Credits: Art Direction/Design & Typography | Craig Black / / Creative Team | George Galbraith, Chris Newton, Nicola Roberts, David Swift // Photography | Nicola Roberts // Camera | Emi Alonso, Matthew O’Donnell // Editing | Matthew O’Donnell


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