‘Zoo Portraits’ By Yago Partal, Spanish Artist

Spanish photographer Yago Partal created this funny photographic project called “Zoo Portraits”, featuring animals dressed as humans.

Photographer and filmmaker from Barcelona, Yago Partal, wanted a strong and powerful image campaign to advertise a series of books for actors and models.

The animals weren’t actually outfitted in hip threads and forced to sit still for a portrait. They’re actually half photographic and half illustrative, mixing the animal world with elements of fashion in a collage.

The project, with no other pretentiousness than to have fun and set apart his work, tries to do something different and it has obtained an incredible response on the internet. This work is a “work in progress” that the artist will continue to explore, continuing the series while this subject still engages and motivates him.

Influenced by stories of wildlife, fashion and cartoons from an early age, Partal found his own voice in a game that many like to play: humanizing animals.

“This idea emerged as an ad campaign for an online photo gallery,” Partal explained in an email to The Huffington Post. “When I shot the first animals, the pictures got a good reaction, so I decided to continue the series until it became what it is today.”

Partal added that he intends to keep adding animals to the gallery.

High-resolution prints from the “Zoo Portraits” series can be ordered on the project’s website.




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