Instant Access: LinkedIn for Creatives

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LinkedIn is a powerful tool that artists and creative professionals can use to develop relationships with potential clients, prospects and collaborators.

In our 60 minutes workshop you will learn 10 distinctive ways to strengthen your LinkedIn presence, including:

  • How to write a professional headline & bio + inspiring examples by artists and illustrators!
  • Structure for writing articles to share recent projects and case studies
  • How to craft engaging LinkedIn posts time and time again.
  • Strategies for posting content + best time to post.
  • Best practice for reaching out to clients & prospects.
  • How to build your community to maximise opportunities
& much more!

Watch the recording now:

Want more goodness?

We’ve got a stack of awesome zoom illustration masterclasses coming up over the next few months with speakers including @benjinewman, @liviafalcaru and @bonjourkat at @totallyreps – covering topics including kids illustration, branding, portfolio development and how to get an agent – plus a growing archive of recordings on art licensing, building your illustration brand and creative marketing with the likes of @lizharrydesign @jessica_smith_illustration and @jessmillerdraws.

Our brand new microsite makes it easier than ever to find a class or course to kickstart your practice, covering a broad range of topics for inspiration, ideas, tips & tricks and actionable advice – whether it’s diving into sketchbooks for your creative practice, polishing up your instagram marketing, mastering LinkedIn or discovering how to diversify your income as illustrators – we’ve got you covered!

Check out our upcoming courses & classes on our brand new microsite now:

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