Instant Access: Sketchbooks for Creatives with Melissa Lakey

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Join illustrator Melissa Lakey for a brand new online masterclass as she guides you through how she uses sketchbooks as part of her creative practice, from generating ideas and playing with materials to documenting travels and designing illustrated products.

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  • The different types of sketchbooks Melissa uses to experiment, collect ideas, explore themes in her work.
  • How sketchbooking can inform and inspire paintings, products and client work.
  • Tips and advice for drawing on location and in different environments.
  • Melissa’s recommended art supplies, plus tips on how to start with what you currently have.
  • Tips for starting (and continuing) your sketchbook practice with ideas and themes to explore at home.

We’ll dive into the messy, experimental pages of Melissa’s sketchbooks and learn why it’s crucial to her creative process. You’ll come away with fresh inspiration to start (or get back to) your own sketchbook practice!

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