Belly Kids: Ancient Egyptians Exhibition

Belly Kids are back with a brand new exhibition entitled 'Ancient Egypt', launching Thursday 7th November at Scawfell Studios off Hackney Road.

Running through The Gods, The Goddesses, The Myths and The Rituals, you can expect everything from the handsome OSIRIS, to the too brutal HORUS, around to the feline BASTET and of course onto the all powerful RA, as the exhibition showcases a colourful mixture of prints, paintings, 3D cut-outs, ceramics, tee-shirts & much much more!

Artists participating include Dominic Owen, Daisy Whitehouse, Grace Helmer, Patrick Kyle & Nick Alston, with a full line-up to be announced soon! They’re also planning to release a whole range of goodies, fit for children and adults alike – check out their online store for their latest collection.


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