Exhibition: Loch Ness & Friends present ‘Psychedelia’

Head down to the Tobacco Factory for an exhibition of new solo work by Loch Ness, featuring an army of psychedelic characters, and original collaborations with Cheba, Dave Bain, Lauren YS and many more.

Taking place from 3 October to 2 November, ‘Psychedelia’ promises to draw visitors into a dreamlike dimension of twisted harmony and Zen, where anything is possible and colour has no boundaries.

bunny rocker, loch ness

A plethora of exciting collaborations will also be on display, such as works by Jonathan Ball, Mr Penfold, Muxxi, Oli Timmins, Oliver Hilbert, Paul Monsters, French artist Niark1 (Seb Niark), Sepr and 3Dom amongst others.

Fall down the monster rabbit hole into a dream like dimension where anything is possible and colour has no boundaries..

seb niark, loch ness, illustration

‘Psychedelia’ will launch on Friday 3rd October with flying Plush Toys, in collaboration with Hannah Dymond and Dom W, and music by DJs Oli Timmins, Henry St Leger and Joseph Blakey – plus a giant Robotic Eye, courtesy of Animeyes!

Space Cowboy, Loch Ness

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