Hero of Switzerland present Rad Science

Eclectic illustration collective Hero of Switzerland are back with Rad Science, a group show launching on April 17th at 5th Base gallery in Shoreditch, London.

Born out of a desire to create, to express, to amuse and to entertain, HoS is an evolving collective of emerging and established creatives based around the UK.

Bleach the stains out of your lab coat, put a test tube in your pocket and join Hero of Switzerland and friends as they delve into the definitely-more-clever-than-they-actually-are-but-fuck-it world of Rad Science.

Dan Button, Hero of Switzerland

Oozing green slime, bubbling beakers, flux capacitors, malfunctioning robots, terrifying but strangely erotic-looking instruments – everything you could possibly find on our persons on a Friday night. Rad Science will be a beautiful laboratory of the Heroes and their friends, a celebration of all things that help and harm, create and explode, hum and whir, of what grows in jars and is sewn on mice.

Featuring original works inspired by the theme of Rad Science, participating artists include by Adam Graff, Becci Atkinson, Biff, Dan Button, Daniel Williams, Raj Dhunna, Sam Peet and Sarah Birtles.

About Hero of Switzerland

Hero of Switzerland is the toy in a box of cereal, an empty bouncy castle, a shiny in a pack of stickers, the laugh you’re trying to hold in during assembly, a free buffet, a fiver on the floor, the conga at the end of the night, a guilty pleasure, a pint after work, a banana and two oranges in a fruit bowl, the fart you let out at the end of a date, a swear word in Scrabble, the cock drawn in the condensation on a bus, a porno in the bushes, the lump in your trousers and the damp in your gusset.

RAD SCIENCE opens on Friday April 17th – April 19th at 5thBase Gallery, 23 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ (Off Brick Lane, Shoreditch).



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