HeyHey Hurry by HeyHey Apps

HeyHey Apps have recently released their latest creative collab with artist Bue the Warrior - a side-scrolling blaster game called HeyHey Hurry!

Designed to introduce children to their first action adventure, the game offers 6 unique worlds to travel through while blasting through enemies for the highest score.

HeyHey Hurry is a fun game for kids created for the iPad tablet that requires little more than dragging their fingers across the screen. All they need to do is drag their finger up and down to move their ship up and down to avoid obstacles. Shooting is automatic but you can help upgrade your weapons by collecting powerups. Mainly all players have to do is survive until the end and progress to the next level.

Like other HeyHey apps/games, HeyHey Hurry is illustrated by Bue the Warrior, blending colourful character design with various environments from under water to space. Whilst designed primarily for young kids, the game can be enjoyed by adults too (beware – it is a little addictive!).



HeyHey Hurry’s aim is to be a side-scrolling shooter that kids love and parents don’t worry about.


Stefan from HeyHey Apps explains:

The idea of the app originated when we noticed young kids around us were playing but educational apps and games. Educational apps are fun, but so is blasting your way through space. Stuff that games were made for.

Last October a book was released of Bue’s work which was featured on the news on national tv in Belgium. From February through April the city of Ostend will run an interactive expo for children on his work called Let it be Playful.



About HeyHey Apps

HeyHey Apps is a small app studio. Our aim is to create colourful iOS apps for young children (between the age of 2 and 12). So far HeyHey Apps has published HeyHey Colors, HeyHey Pix and HeyHey Match.

About Bué the Warrior

After meeting two graffiti artists on the bus back in 1991 who handed him a few spray cans, Bué got so hooked on the streets, he never stopped painting. Somehow he missed out on growing up and twenty years later he still does what he loves the most: adding colour and positive energy to places that need it the most.


HeyHey Hurry is available from appstore.com/heyheyhurry


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