Yellow: 52 Artists illustrate 52 weeks of news

Last November OFF LIFE launched Yellow - an ongoing project series that will see 52 artists illustrate 52 weeks of news.

Every Monday, the team at OFF LIFE post the most recent artwork on their blog alongside a few words from its creator.

With no set political pursuasion or style guide, Yellow is gradually building an illustrated take on a whole year of news from 52 unique perspectives. Once an entire year has been documented, each artwork with be curated into a new book – complimented by essays from some of today’s top writers and thinkers – set to be published in December.

So far, the series has seen top creatives talents take part including Jamie CoeSébastien Thibault, Stanley Chow and Charlotte Mei.

Not shying away from the hard hitting news stories of the week, artists have tackled some controversial subjects such as Supermundane‘s take on  the Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act debate. The series has also proved how powerful a medium illustration can be with contributions including Jamie Coe‘s depiction of the riots in Baltimore and Martin Rowson‘s response to the murders at Charlie Hebdo.

And there is still lots more to come from Yellow with artists including Matt the Horse, Guardian cartoonist David Squires, Louise Pomeroy, Nate Kitch and Stefan Glerum, as well as many who have not yet been announced, set to illustrate plenty more news stories in the coming weeks.

OFF LIFE are still keen to get more artists involved in this mammoth project. If you fancy illustrating a week of news, get in touch via their contact page.

This week, Jean Jullien‘s fitting tribute to legendary musician B.B King marked the half way point for the series so we thought this would be the perfect time to take a look at some of our personal favourite contributions so far:

Week 2: Grace Wilson

Drawing on her own experience of being treated under the NHS, Grace Wilson showed her support for the hospital worker strikes back in November.

The second artist to take part in the series, Grace used a limited colour palette to enhance her illustrative style which is firmly routed in her impressive drawing ability. Weaving her own narrative through the weeks events, created 2 beautiful, honest comic strips.

Week 7: Jamie Mills

One of the best things about having an open brief such as the guidelines for Yellow is it welcomes surreal wonders such as Jamie Mills‘ climate change themed illustration.

Talking to Yellow about his contribution, Jamie said his intention was to “capture something about the precariousness and scale of the climate issues that we all face.”

Week 18: Robbie Porter

One of the most charming contributions to the series is Robbie Porter‘s adorable take on March’s solar eclipse.

Discussing his choice of new story, Robbie confessed that he had “always been intrigued and terrified of space. Recently my brother took me on an introduction to astrophysics course at Greenwich Observatory, so I’ve had space on the brain. When my Yellow week came about I couldn’t resist doing a piece on the eclipse.

 Week 23: Nathaniel Russel

Our final pick comes from Nathaniel Russel. Illustrating a scene from the media frenzy surrounding Bruce Jenner’s gender transition, Nathaniel chose to take the spotlight off of Bruce Jenner, casting it on the media responsible for sensationalising the story.

One of the most thought provoking and intelligent contributions, the simple monochrome scene looks at the balance between our inner world and what we show to the public. #Yellow



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