Dutch creative agency …,staat commissioned Playground Paris to produce a short animation for Dutch chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely.

Tony’s Chocolonely is a confectionery company focused on producing and selling chocolate closely following fair trade practices, strongly opposing slavery and child labour by partnering with trading companies in Ghana and Ivory Coast to buy cocoa beans directly from the farmers, providing them with a fair price for their product and combating exploitation.

Tony’s Chocolonely is quickly becoming Holland’s favourite chocolate brand, because of their amazing flavours and because of their mission: 100 percent slavery-free chocolate.

“Tony’s wants to achieve this goal by proving it can be hugely successful and at the same time treat their cocoa farmers fairly. The next step in achieving this is opening up Tony’s Factory – a public facing  a chocolate factory smack in the middle of Amsterdam, where they have control over the entire production process, from bean to bar. Visitors will not only see how their chocolate is made and eat lots of it, but they also learn about the negative goings on in the chocolate industry and how Tony’s are working hard to change that.”

Based in Paris, France, Playground Paris is a multi-disciplinary founded by Valentin Adam. Mixing a love of print & motion design, illustration, typography, books, posters and logos with a fun, playful and colorful aesethetic, Playground Studio expresses fun in every thing they do.

Playground Paris are represented by WE ARE GOODNESS.