You’re Enrolled!

Thank you for joining our NEW 28-day Branding Illustration Challenge!

We’re so excited to have you on board and can’t wait to help you create your first (or next) branding illustration.

Our 28 Day Challenge to your First (or Next) Branding Illustration kicks off on Monday 8th April. Throughout the challenge you can expect a variety of live sessions covering our briefings, workshops and feedback sessions – plus masterclasses with our guest speakers!

All Zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded to Vimeo and published inside our dedicated space within 3 hours of each live event for you to watch on replay. All upcoming event listings will be located inside our private group inside Inkygoodness Collective for you to sync with your own calendars so you won’t miss anything. Cool eh?

Everyone enrolled on the challenge will be invited to join our private 28 Day Challenge group space on Thursday 4th April to settle in, meet other artists and members on the challenge, make introductions and familiarise yourself with the space, the schedule and what you’ll be working on before we begin!

A link to join our private group inside Inkygoodness Collective will be sent out on Thursday 4th April. Here are a few more details before we begin – please bookmark this page to refer to later.

Important details

  • Our 28-Day Branding Illustration Challenge runs April 8th – May 10th 2024
  • Live Sessions will run at various times – check out the schedule so far below.
  • Everyone enrolled will be invited to join a private online group inside Inkygoodness Collective on Thursday 4th April – this space is exclusively for artists on the challenge to meet and connect with one another inbetween live sessions.
  • Artists enrolled will get 60 days access to Inkygoodness Collective – after this you may choose to stay as a member for as long as you wish!*
  • Creative Briefings, Feedback Sessions + Workshops will be hosted on a various days throughout the challenge. A full schedule will be announced in mid March.
  • Excited about the challenge? Spread the word! Share our social card (below) on your Instagram grid + stories with 1-2 lines about why you’ve joined the challenge! Don’t forget to tag @inkygoodness + @inkygoodnesscollective so we can share your posts!

*Requires subscription. Choose between two tiers of membership on a monthly or our annual plan when you join on our Community Membership plan. Participants will not be charged for their membership until 1st July 2024.

What happens next

  • Head over to complete our on-boarding form to tell us a little bit more about you and where you’re currently at in your illustration practice.
  • We will be sending an invitation to join our private group inside Inkygoodness Collective a few days before we begin on Thursday 4th April.
  • A kick-off meet & greet event for all participants is scheduled on Monday 8th April @ 7.00pm BST (GMT+1). I’ll be giving you a tour of the platform and explaining the structure of the programme, how to navigate the space and what to expect! A zoom link will be emailed out on Thursday 4th April – you’ll also be able to see the full schedule in the Events section of our private space on joining!
  • Our 28 Day Branding Challenge officially kicks off on Tuesday 9th April at 10.30am on Zoom with Vault49 who will be setting the first creative brief! Our second creative brief will be presented by Flow Creative on Tuesday 16th April at 10.30am BST (GMT+1).
  • Our challenge has been extended by one week and will now wrap up on Friday 10th May.
  • We have a bonus brief and a surprise special guest who will be presenting this project for you on Tuesday 23rd April. More details to come!
  • Full details of live streams, zoom sessions and masterclasses will be listed inside our dedicated 28 Day Challenge space hosted on Inkygoodness Collective.
  • Excited about the challenge? Help us spread the word! We’ve created a fun graphic for you to post on your socials above! Start sharing this from Tuesday 2nd April and don’t forget to tag @inkygoodness and @inkygoodnesscollective 🙂

Key Dates (Zoom + Live Streams)

All Zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded to Vimeo and made available to watch on replay within 3 hours of the live event. All live streams will be shared inside our private space!

All timings listed in British Summer Time (GMT +)

  • Creative Briefings with our Creative Directors @ 10.30am – Every Tuesday (09/04 + 16/04)
  • Live Feedback with our Agencies – Every Wed & Thur (11/04, 17/04, 18/04, 24/04 + 25/04)
  • Live Workshopping – Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday Various Times, Zoom
  • Daily Check-in Every Day – Various Times, Live Stream
  • Hit the Deadline! @ 5pm – Every Monday (15/04 + 22/04 , 29/04 + 07/05) Live Stream


  • Final Hand-in – Tuesday 7th May @ 5pm
  • Final Award Ceremony – Friday 10th May @ 12.00pm

Masterclass Sessions (Zoom Webinars)

  • Masterclass w/ Multidisciplinary Artist Murugiah – 10/04 @ 6pm – 7.30pm
  • Masterclass w/ Illustrator Franz Lang – 18/04 @ 10.30am – 12pm
  • Masterclass w/ Illustrator and Muralist Katie Lukes – 24/04 @ 6.00pm – 7.30pm

In our Masterclasses, each guest speaker will take a deep dive into their creative process, inspirations and tricks of the trade, as we explore brand campaigns across print, murals, site-specific installation, motion and experiential for clients including Adobe, Saatchi & Saatchi, Selfridges, Netflix and Google.

Expect to gain access to exclusive content as they each lift the curtain on their tricks of the trade, techniques and creative processes!

Creative Briefings w/ Design Agencies (Zoom Webinar)

  • Creative Briefing + AMA Session with Vault49 – 09/04 @ 10.30am BST
  • Creative Briefing + AMA Session with Flow Creative – 16/04 @ 10.30am BST

Sessions will be divided into an Industry Talk, Briefing + Ask Me Anything Q&A!

Live Feedback Sessions w/ Design Agencies  (Zoom)

  • Mood boards & Ideation with Vault49 – 11/04 @ 6.00pm BST
  • Sketch Round with Vault49 – 17/04 @ 10.30am BST
  • Mood boards & Ideation – Flow Creative – 18/04 @ 6.00pm BST
  • Sketch Round with Flow Creative – 24/04 @ 10.30am BST + 25/04 @ 6.00pm BST

Our creative directors will each host interactive group workshop sessions every week to give you feedback, guidance and direction at the moodboard / ideation + sketch stage. Further feedback will be provided at colour rough stage on Google Docs at specific points during the challenge! Everyone enrolled will also have the opportunity to post their work inside our private space to get feedback and support from our co-hosts, mentors and other artists taking part!

Final Showcase (Zoom) Pick ONE to attend (or both if you want to!) + Award Ceremony

  • Morning Showcase – 08/05 @ 9am – 10.30am BST – Hosted by Joel Ebsworth
  • Afternoon Showcase – 09/05 @ 6pm – 7.30pm BST – Hosted by Lisa Hassell

Award Ceremony – 10/05 @ 12.00pm (Live Stream)

*Please note – our zoom webinars are watch & listen only; you will not have your video cameras on. All participants will be invited to ask questions and interact with one another in the chat, however this is optional.

If you have any questions about our 28-Day Branding Illustration Challenge before we begin, please get in touch with Lisa directly and she will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.

Thank you for joining us! We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to working with you soon.

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