28 Day Packaging Challenge – FAQ

We’ve had lots of questions about our upcoming branding illustration challenge and we’re here to help you decide if it’s right for you!

Q: I’m fairly new to illustration – can I still join? 

Absolutely! We encourage emerging creatives, students and recent graduates to get involved – as well as designers and teachers who are pivoting into illustration. Whether you’re just getting started with your illustration career or you’ve been working as an illustrator for a while and need a boost – the most important thing to know about this 28-Day Challenge is that this is going to stretch you – and that by committing the time you’ll leave with TWO incredible packaging projects for your portfolio.

Use this Challenge to complete your first (or next) packaging illustration project a little bit faster and with more focus than doing it alone on your own!

Q: When does the creative challenge begin?

Our 28-Day Packaging Challenge kicks off on Monday 6th November at 7.00pm, and runs until Friday 1st December at 12.00pm.

Q: I’ve just discovered this awesome challenge! Can I still sign up?

Yes! We encourage you to enrol before we begin, however we’re leaving doors open until Friday 10th November at 11.59pm GMT.

Q: When are the live sessions running?

We’ll be updating this section in the coming weeks. Here are preliminary dates for your diary. All timings in GMT.

Key Dates (Zoom + Live Streams)

28-Day Packaging Challenge – Kick Off Event – Monday 6th November @ 7.00pm
Creative Briefings @ 10.30am / 6pm – Every Tuesday (07/11 + 14/11 + 21/11)
Daily Check-in Every Tuesday & Wednesday – Various Times
Hit the Deadline! @ 5pm – Every Monday (13/11 + 20/11+ 22/11)

Workshops (Zoom) Pick ONE session to attend every week:

Sessions last one hour apx. Hosted by Lisa Hassell & Joel Ebsworth

Live Workshopping Afternoon Session @ 5pm – Every Tuesday (07/11+ 14/11 + 21/11)
Live Workshopping Early Session @ 7am – Every Wednesday (08/11+ 15/11 + 22/11)
Live Workshopping Morning Session @ 10.30am – Every Friday (11/11 + 18/11 + 25/11)

Masterclass Sessions (Zoom Webinar)

Sessions last 1.5 hours apx. Hosted by Lisa (Various Dates).

Masterclass w/ Illustrator Lynn Bremner  – 08/11 @ 8.00am – 09.00am GMT
Masterclass w/ Art Director & Multidisciplinary Designer Marco Oggian – 22/11@ 6pm – 7pm GMT
Masterclass w/ TBC

Our Packaging Design Masterclasses aim to educate, inspire and show you industry level commercial illustration projects; from brief to concept, artwork development and delivery.

In these brand new Masterclasses, illustrator Lynn Bremner will discuss her packaging work for brands including Tsuno, Bonehead Brewing and DC Coffee Roasters, and how working within the local community has boosted her creative practice. Art Director Marco Oggian will take you through his work for Chilly’s Bottles and Giass Gelato, and share an overview of his passion projects for studio Brutto. One more Masterclass speaker TBC!

Expect to gain access to exclusive content as they each lift the curtain on their top secret tools, techniques and creative process on illustration projects for global brands and packaging clients.


Creative Briefings w/ Global Agencies (Zoom Webinar)

– Luke Ferrand & Andy German, Co-Founders & Creative Directors at Rhythm Studio – 07/11 @ 10.30am – 12pm GMT
– Cally Burgett, Co-Founder & Creative Director and Emma Gould, Design Project Manager at Wonderkind – 14/11 @ 6pm- 7pm GMT

Sessions will be split into Industry Talk, Briefing + Ask Me Anything Q&A!

Live Feedback Sessions w/ Design Agencies  (Zoom)

Luke Ferrand & Andy German, Co-Founders & Creative Directors at Rhythm Studio – 09/11 @ 6pm – 7pm GMT + 10/11 @ 10.30am – 12pm GMT
Emma Gould, Design Project Manager at Wonderkind Agency – 16/11 @ 6pm- 7pm GMT

Our creative directors will host one interactive group workshop session to give you feedback, guidance and direction at the sketch stage. Further feedback will be provided at colour rough stage, inside our private group at specific points during the challenge.

Our full schedule will be published on 31st October.

Q: What do I need to prepare before the course begins?

No prep required! Just bring yourself and maybe a pen and notebook to take notes during the sessions. Our workshops and courses are super informal – and the 28 Day Challenge will be exactly like that. We always have so much fun learning together – and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Q: Whom is the challenge not suitable for?

This creative challenge is not designed for concept artists, gaming designers or cartoonists. Our courses and challenges are aimed at creatives who want to pursue a career as commercial freelance illustrators working for clients across packaging, advertising and branding.

Q: Do I need to be able to use Adobe Fresco or Adobe Creative Suite?

Whilst technical skills are useful, our challenge is open to artists and illustrators who work analog too – so please don’t shy away just because you prefer using analog materials. We will offer techincal support on mockups and setting up your design files. We’re genuinely very excited to see the diversity and variety of work produced for the challenge!

Q: How much time do I need to set aside?

The live sessions are 60 minutes long throughout November. We’re running a mix of zooms, live talks and daily check-ins. I’d recommend allowing between 6-8 hours for each creative brief which will be split into stages across the challenge. Then maybe an extra hour to implement feedback and apply the learning we’re covering in our weekly workshops. Each zoom session will last for apx 1 hour – 1.5 hours max.

Each brief will require a turnaround time of 10 days with key stages and deadlines in place to keep you on track. Project deliverables will include thumbnails; colour drafts and final artwork delivery for submission to our Creative Directors who will judge the entries for the Awards.

Workshop sessions are designed to support you with live feedback in a group setting and provide you with tools, advice and critique along the way to help you navigate the challenge and produce your best work!

Q: Which Creative Directors are we going to be working with?

We’re fortunate to be joined by two leading design and digital agencies – Wonderkind Agency in Austin, Texas are confirmed! More details coming soon.

Q: How will the winners be selected?

Shortlisted artists will be selected based on their commitment to the challenge and the quality of work they produce for each brief. Artwork submissions will be judged by our Creative Directors, guest Masterclass illustrators and the Inkygoodness team. We have an incredible 15 prizes up for grabs – including creative commissions, mentoring opportuniteis, lifetime membership and a bonus opportunity to get your work featured in our digital showcase in February 2024.

Q: What if I can’t make the live sessions? Will they be recorded?

Yes! Everything is automatically recorded every week – so no matter if you can attend every session, just a few – or prefer to watch them later – we’ve got you covered! Videos will stay live even after the challenge ends – so you can access the recordings forever.

If you want to join the 28 Day Packaging Challenge and know in advance that you can’t attend the live sessions, rest assured that you can still submit your questions for me and our incredible speakers!

Please do still join the 28 Day Packaging Challenge even if the timings of the sessions don’t suit your schedule – everyone enrolled will also get access to our private group, hosted inside Inkygoodness Collective where you can join our community and access support and resources.

I can guarantee you will get so much out of the experience!

Q: I’ve only just found out about the challenge! Can I enrol late?

Yes absolutely! With generous deadlines and lead times on our briefs and lifetime access to the content there is plenty of time to catch up.

Q: How much does it cost?

Prizes are just one way we’re setting up this Challenge to bring you focus, motivation, and some great support. The other is making it a paid Challenge.

One observation we’ve made over the last six months is that people pay more attention to what they pay for.

And we want you to be set up to take this Challenge seriously. So, we’re charging a one-time fee of £199. You can pay in full or split the cost when you enrol.

Q: When do doors close for enrolment?

Enrolment is open now until midnight Friday 10th November.

Q: What extra support is available?

Our 28 Day Creative Challenges are hosted inside our membership community Inkygoodness Collective. Everyone enrolled on the challenge will get six weeks free access to the Collective, and access to a private, dedicated space exclusive to the challenge, to connect with artists taking part for extra motivation, support and accountability! All sessions are recorded.

Check out the line-up so far


Do you have more questions not answered here?

Email Lisa directly so that we can help you decide if this challenge is right for you! If you’re excited to jump on board sign up quickly before our doors close.

Look forward to welcoming you on board!

Enrol in our 28 Day Creative Challenge now