Blik releases their latest decal collection by Muxxi

Decorating the family home can be an expensive project, especially when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom.

Balancing not only the tastes of mum and dad, but perhaps even more demandingly that of a little girl or boys imagination and their personal quirks, likes and dislikes.

Many innovative products flood the market today, professing to be inventive solutions for modern houses and family that are both affordable and fun. Perhaps most popular of all of late has been the rise of the home decal; self-adhesive wallpapers that avoid the chaos of glue, and the commitment to turn a room upside down.

Los Angeles based home goods company Blik – declaring itself as “the worlds first removable wall graphic company” have specialised in such decals, often collaborating with international contemporary artists, illustrators, and brands to create affordable and artful alternatives to bring the walls of any room alive.

This year Blik commissioned Guatemalan based illustrator Muxxi to create a new collection.

With an international cult following Muxxi immerses herself in a playful and strange world, populated by magical characters that exist within whimsical and surreal landscapes.

Her aim is to make work that spreads “joy to whoever sees it”; work that speaks of “freedom and expressiveness”.

For the project Muxxi created a lively troupe of characters – ‘Miss Kat’, ‘Miss Witchy’, ‘Mr Awesome’, ‘Mr Eager’, ‘Mr Entertainment’, and ‘Mr Hero’- designed to capture the imagination of young children.

A colourful focal point for any bedroom or playroom Muxxi has used the door itself to create her characters; their simple yet lively, bright features almost inviting play. Each design has a particular feature too that takes the character beyond the doorframe, spilling and bursting out onto the wall, locating them in the room, as almost fanciful company; whether it be Mr Hero’s cape or Miss Kat’s tail.

Decals are playful and fun alternatives to wallpaper, breaking up a room or wall space and reminding us that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously!

Even though Muxxi’s series will almost certainly appeal primarily to children, it is easy to see – even beyond her cult industry status among designers – how they will make anyone smile and go some way towards keeping, at least a part of us all young at heart. |

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