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Typically armed with a camera, Stefanie can often be seen roaming around numerous zoos and aquariums.

Her grandfather was part of the German after war informal art movement in the 40’s and 50’s, and played an instrumental role in her life. The distinct drippy and colourful experimental abstractism of his work is something which Stefanie has strived to sustain in her own art. Her graphic elements and use of bright and bold colour, drips and bubble style are a result of many years spent experimenting with spray techniques and colour combinations.

In this short post we invite her to share some of her pro tips on creating effective animal inspired illustration.

As an illustrator known for your images of animals, what do you think are the essential components to creating strong visuals?

The key to any successful animal Illustration is balance. For me, finding the right balance between the complexity of patterns, segments and colours is crucial. I tend to use a grid of geometric shapes to construct my composition whilst using an invisible frame to place visual elements around my drawing.

Focus on the eyes. Animals, like humans express themselves predominately through their eyes and their gaze. Giving enough expression in this area can really make or break the whole illustration.

What role does colour play in your illustration work?

As a stylistic choice I tend to keep my illustrations within a maximum of five colours along with black and white. The colour selection is almost always performed during the initial sketching stage from my selection of swatches. As my sketching develops, the colour choices are ever-evolving alongside.

What are the essential pieces of kit you use in your illustration practice?

Invest in a good graphic tablet and editing software as they will be indispensable in the final stages of your illustration. Even if you are more of a fan of traditional techniques, any crucial final changes or adjustments can be made digitally during this part of the process.

*Stefanie’s drawing tips first appeared in Animal Illustration: How to draw animals more artisically published on Digital Arts. Read the feature here.








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