Featured Artist: Ana Albero

Deceptively playful with a grown up edge, Ana Albero’s work is a visual treat.


Shiny haired, chubby faced, geekily chic and a little bit awkward, the characters in her subtly surreal world are depicted in meticulous detail that retains its chunky, hand drawn aesthetic.


Inspired by cult classics and strange truths, Ana creates a parallel universe that is eerily familiar and filled with slightly lost souls who are reading, drawing, eating; clutching dogs and smoking cigarettes. Recent work includes big-eyed cat prints and a children’s book about the life of Coco Chanel.


I started being more focused about my drawing after graduating, knowing that I had to become more serious and committed about illustration if I wanted to earn my living from drawing.


Ana was born in Spain and studied illustration in Paris and Berlin, where she is now based.  In addition to creating work for an ever growing list of clients, Ana is one-third of the self publishing collective Edition Biografiktion who design and print collections of their illustrations in pleasingly off-beat colour combinations.

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I am quite an introverted person. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel confident about my illustration work. In fact, I think I have a strong vision of what I like and dislike, what I want to do and don’t. I am very critical and demanding of myself.


Buy prints and more featuring Ana’s designs at Society 6 and check out her own online shop here.


 All images property of Ana Albero, quotes from Pikaland interview



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