Featured Artists: Wilmer Murillo & Muxxi

Wilmer Murillo is an illustrator and graphic artist from Honduras (Central America). He began his career as a digital painter, which has evolved into a more spontaneous style, bursting with colour and surreal characters.

He loves experimenting with fun characters, bright colors, doodled lines and rough textures, and also has a fascination with sci-fi creatures such as robots, cyborgs and monsters. A recent collaboration with Muxxi produced a wonderfully playful illustration (below).

Muxxi (Norma de Leon) is an artist and illustrator based in Guatemala (Central America), who describes herself as “an illustrator girl, trying to experiment with my art all the time, I love weird things and create surreal characters, patterns, clouds, doodles, murals and all the things that demand art”

Both Wilmer and Muxxi are participating in our upcoming exhibition – Character Totem Home-Coming, launching in Birmingham next week! Their artworks have been framed and lovingly wrapped and are now on their way to England, where they will be displayed alongside over 60 original artworks, paintings and drawings on the walls, each one available to purchase.

For more artworks by Wilmer and Muxxi, visit their inspiring websites here:



To request further details on the artists participating in the exhibition, please contact Lisa or Michelle on hello@inkygoodness.com.


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