Obsession by Studio Ponto

'Obsession' by Studio Ponto reveals that all you really need to create beautiful artwork is passion for the subject you are illustrating - in this case, Ancient Egypt.

With a contemporary colour scheme of pinks, blues and yellows and a playful graphic illustrative style, this project brings Ancient Egypt bang up to date. It’s creators, Studio Ponto, are an independent design studio based in London who, as well as creating vibrant illustrations such as this set, regularly develop self-initiated research-based projects.

I first came in contact with Ancient Egypt in History classes and was pretty much baffled by this ancient civilization, and by the time I got to learn about their culture more profoundly in art school a few years later I was very much “obsessed” with everything “Egypt”

This project was led by Mariana Lobão, co-founder of the studio, whilst on an internship at Hato Press, seeing this as a perfect opportunity to further explore her obsession with ancient Egypt whilst enhancing her knowledge of risograph printing and it’s many possibilities. It then led on to a more in-depth look at the theme of obsession, culminating in the publishing of MOYI – My Obsession Your Impression.

“It’s difficult to say what is it about ancient Egypt that triggered this obsession. Egyptian sculptures and ornaments from the Middle Kingdom was always my favourite matter in terms of Art.”

..their values towards animals, their writing in hieroglyphs and their visualization of religion in gods and goddesses – all of that contributed to my fascination over this civilization and their culture.

Obsession is a very personal trait, and it is one which has inspired Mariana and her partner, Eurico Sá Fernandes, to create this stunning set of prints full of doodled detail and bursting with personality.

The complete set of prints (one A3 and two A4) are available to buy from the Studio Ponto online shop for just £20.



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