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(In A Sense) Lost & Found is a brand new graphic novel by American comic book artist Roman Muradov.

In this, his first graphic novel, Roman explores the theme of innocence, creating an entirely new world where innocence is a tangible object that can be used, mistreated, stolen and – in the case of the story’s main character – lost.

Having been awarded a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators in 2013, Roman is fast becoming one of the best on the American comic book scene. His work is inspired by that of Raymond Queneau, Chris Ware and Tove Jansson and his adeptness of colour and fluidity of line have enabled him to work with big names such as Vogue, the New York Times and Penguin.

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The book’s surreal and unique world is brought to life by Roman in a suitably majestic style. Throughout the novel, contrast is key; seamlessly flowing between minimal compositions and jam-packed panels with a muted colour palette changing from cold purples and browns to deep reds and fiery oranges.

Nobrow books are known for being beautiful objects, with careful attention paid to the production of each of their titles. (In A Sense) Lost & Found takes this to a whole new level with its gold foil finish on both its cloth spine and front cover adding instant wow-factor and creating an “Ooooh” upon first touch.

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Its finish perfectly matches the book’s luxurious and majestic content. Filled with wonky architecture and oddly geometric foliage and populated by peculiar and nosey creatures, there is plenty to explore.

Amongst its peculiar population is the charming, if a little distant, book store owner who takes the girl – who has been disowned by her family and judged by everyone she meets up until this point due to her lack of innocence – in and gives her a bed for the night. His use of the phrase “tintinnabulatingly decent” alone makes the book worth reading!

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