Review: Simona Ciraolo releases her 2nd book

Published by Flying Eye Books, Whatever Happened To My Sister?' is a touching tale of growing up and ultimately growing apart by illustrator Simona Ciraolo.

It’s a marked departure from her debut Hug Me – an adorable tale which followed Felipe the Cactus on his seemingly impossible search for a hug; yet shares the same charm, character and rustic illustration style that she is quickly becoming known for.

In the story her hand drawn illustrations are a delicate balancing act in their execution – a combination of rough textures, expressive drawing and strong hues of warm oranges, fiery reds, cool turquoises and stone-greys in a loose, water colour style, reflecting the mood of the story to impressive effect. Any tears shed over Hug Me were the result of fits of laughter but with Whatever Happened To My Sister? you are lucky to get away with just a lump in the throat as you reach it’s emotive conclusion.

For anyone who has ever felt left behind, Simona paints a touchingly sweet portrayal of the transience of childhood and the mystifying experience of watching a sibling grow up.

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Whatever Happened to My Sister? is wonderful coming of age tale, and we’re very much looking forward to watching Simona develop as both an illustrator and storyteller in the years to come.

You can order a copy of Whatever Happened To My Sister?, as well as Hug Me, through the Flying Eye Book online store. |



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