Review: Smart About Sharks by Owen Davey

British illustrator Owen Davey and publisher Flying Eye Books recently released Smart About Sharks, an illustrated guide of fun facts and knowledge about these iconic predators.

Something of a follow-up to Owen’s debut ‘species specific’ publication ‘Mad About Monkeys’, the book follows the same style guides, combining luscious colour palettes and full page illustrations bursting with interesting facts for kids to learn and share.

Children can enjoy learning fact after intriguing fact about one of the planets most enduring creatures.

Did you know that sharks evolved over 200 million years ago, making them older than the dinosaurs, or that the Epaulette shark has developed the ability to walk out of water? Fans of Owen’s work will take great joy in thumbing through page after page, admiring the skill of the illustrator, whilst children can enjoy learning fact after intriguing fact about one of the planets most enduring – and indeed misunderstood creatures; from their diet to the unique shape of their teeth, to their social life and how they communciate.

Sharks are pretty incredible – some can even walk out of the water!

Beyond the information about the sharks themselves Owen includes a deeper, and more profound message, drawing direct attention to the plight of sharks, and the necessity to protect them.

What better way to safeguard the future of sharks, and the planets oceans, than to educate younger generations about members of this delicate ecosystem? A triumphant combination of both education and design and we look forward to seeing more from the series.

‘Smart About Sharks’ is available from Flying Eye Books, and costs £12.95.






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