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Wild About Shapes by Jérémie Fischer is a brand new picture book which introduces children to the concept of colour, as well as the creatures of the animal kingdom.

Published by Flying Eye Books, the book invites kids to adventure through a mystery trail where shapes resemble animals and animals resemble shapes.

Throughout the journey, animals hide and reveal themselves within pages of overlapping colour and alternating pages of printed acetate. A flip of an acetate page turns a spread from an abstract piece of scenery into a new member of the animal kingdom. This intelligent, playful design will fascinate readers of all ages and keep all eyes transfixed on this outstanding piece of publishing!

The creative behind this stroke of publishing genius, Jérémie Fischer, is an illustrator and professional screen printing technician who lives and works in Paris. In Wild About Shapes, Jérémie uses brilliant bold shapes with touches of texture and an ever-changing, vibrant colour palette to create a truly enchanting picture book.

An advocate of traditional printing methods, Jérémie developed his love of screen-printing through his studies at l’École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg and now strives to celebrate the beauty and craft of hand-made books through his own projects both individually and as part of the Orbis Pictus Club. He published his first three books in 2012 and has contributes to numerous art magazines including  Nyctalope and Nobrow 6.

The true beauty of Jérémie’s latest book, Wild About Shape, must be seen to be believed, making it a must have for picture book enthusiasts of all ages.


You can order a copy of Wild About Shapes here.


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