Studio Arhoj’s characterful ceramics

Studio Arhoj create a range of different ceramic products, each with their own unique personality. 

Located by the harbour in Copenhagen, Studio Arhoj is a Danish design studio run by Anders Arhoj. Studio Arhoj was originally founded in Tokyo in 2006 and is now based in Denmark. Through their work, the studio aims to keep interest in traditional crafts such as wheel throwing and glaze construction alive.

A selection of Studio Arhoj ceramics

The brand’s aesthetic fuses together Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese culture. The studio’s love of clean lines and geometric shapes shows the influence Scandanavia has had. The Japanese influence can been seen with the products iconic eyes. These little icons bring an unexpected touch of character to their sophisticated ceramics. Despite these elements being kept consistent throughout, each ceramic still feels unique. The little eyes and imperfect nature of ceramics makes each feels like a mini, individual character.

As time goes on, changes in temperature cause tiny hairline cracks in the glaze of Studio Arhoj’s ceramics which they see as adding charm. It’s almost like each character is ageing with time and gaining little ceramic wrinkles.

Greg McIndoe

The team finish their ceramics in all different ways

Characterful ceramics by Studio Arhoj

Experimentation is a key part of Studio Arhoj’s process. The team dedicate as much time as possible to trying out the endless possibilities of glaze and clay. The team particularly like playing with colour and pattern when finishing their products. They play with everything from painterly polka dots and ombre effects to more unpredictable finishes.

An atmospheric photograph by Kirstine Sommer

A selection of Studio Arhoj ceramics

In 2016, Studio Arhoj also opened a bricks and mortar shop near the waterfront in Copenhagen. Whilst browsing, you can watch the team glazing and throwing at the potters wheel as well as the many other task which keep the studio running. Both online and instore, the Studio also sells a range of homeware and stationery. And their physical store sells items from local creative studios like  LUCKYBOYSUNDAY, MOEBE and Københavns Møbelsnedkeri as well as products from California creative Umami Mart.

Ringholders by Studio Arhoj

Studio Arhoj ceramics come in a rainbow of colours

A selection of Studio Arhoj ceramics

Studio Arhoj also have a range of monochrome ceramics


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