Wild Fridays: [Retro Futurism]

Illustrator Simon Wild continues his ‘Wild Fridays’ column with a celebration of space travel and Retro Futurism.

Space travel is everywhere right now. With the recent release of Christopher Nolan’s science fiction epic Interstellar drawing crowds at the cinema, another extraordinary event amongst the stars captured people’s imagination this week.

Philae, the first comet lander of it’s kind from the European Space Agency, affectionately known as ‘the washing machine’ because of it’s size, successfully touched down on Comet 67P. What is so remarkable is that this little scientific instrument has spent the last ten years travelling to it’s destination, three hundred million miles from Earth. It is a piece of technology from another time designed long ago and it is now in the spotlight, making today’s headlines.  What a marvel you are Philae!future001

This was all the excuse I needed to delve into Retro Futurism: Depictions of the future, designed in a previous era. So in the spirit of exploration let us celebrate the mysterious and beguiling nature of space travel with an iconic collection of retro futurist images painted long ago.

retro3 retro4 retro5 retro6 retro8 retro9

Have a great weekend!

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