Wrap 10 – “Into the Wild”

Issue 10 of Wrap Magazine takes us 'Into the Wild', exploring a jungle of creativity grown by a super-group of specially-selected, wildly ambitious and talented individuals.

Now published twice a year, Wrap delivers an eclectic mix of features, interviews and creative endeavours.  Bridging the gap between publication and product, each issue contains five specially-designed, double-sided, pull-out sheets of wrapping paper.

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Beautifully produced with a bold use of pattern, classic design, no adverts and lots of full-bleed imagery, the design is as inspirational as it’s content. From Wrap Loves – a peek into what has inspired the magazines creators during it’s production- to a closing feature on Kate Moross, the successful, young designer with a refreshing “can do” attitude” – issue ten is a non-stop tour of illustration at it’s best.

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Be prepared to turn green with envy as you meet Adam Frezza and Terri Chao, an adventurous, American couple who the live the illustrator’s dream. Talking to Wrap whilst on an artist’s residence in Mexico, the pair discuss their home-life back in New York as as well as their interests which include hiking and pancake mono-printing.

A passion for life is clear throughout the feature on this awe-inspiring couple. And it is this passion, as well as a love for the natural world around them, which fuels their creative work.

Conceptually, we like to see how plants change over time and persevere. We’re inspired by the way they continue to live, even when they may seem dead

From techni-colour paper plants to equally colourful and wonderfully bizarre paper cacti, if the work of this creative couple doesn’t make you want to mix up some papier-mâché and get creating, then nothing will.

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We also loved getting to know more about the creator of this issues beautiful cover, Jean Julien, as Wrap visits the studio he shares with his brother Nico. With a backstory as distinctive as his illustrative style, Jean has worked for the likes of Tate, Nike, The New Yorker and Esquire, despite originally wanting to be an animator. And with projects getting more and more ambitious and his work hot in demand, it seems the only way is up for Jean.

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Highlights from this issue, also include The Art of Pricing, a feature discussing what amount is reasonable to ask for in return for a piece of artwork. The discussion stems from George Wu’s Poundshop project – a series of pop-up shops where a group of creatives sell their handmade products for £1, £3 or £5 each. Contrasting this with the view of those artists who choose to print their artworks as limited editions and attach a higher price tag – an interesting read indeed.

Further on, eight artists from around the globe are asked to name their most essential piece of equipment. With answers ranging from a simple scalpel to the increasingly popular Risograph printer, each begs the question – what tool could you not live without and what does it say about your personality?

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Of course, no issue of Wrap would be complete without it’s contributing illustrators. This time round, it was the turn of Pat Bradbury, Atelier Bingo, Saskia Pomeroy, Llew Mejia and Elena Boils to design pieces of wrapping paper on the theme of “plants”. Proving once again how freeing an open brief can be, outcomes range from abstract jungles to cacti havens. In particular, Llew Mejia’s wrap design caught our eye. Richly detailed with a lush colour palette, his work is a visual delight.

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As well as their illustrated efforts, each artist takes part in an interview about their creative process and contribution to the magazine. The work and words of illustrator, zinester and part-time teacher Pat Bradbury stood out for us.

One thing I really miss about university is being in a creative environment with other people, so I find teaching is a great way to continue collaborating and experimenting with ideas.

This fresh approach to teaching has led to him introducing a number of innovative, new creations to the classroom such as a “Facemaker display board”.

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From cover to cover, Wrap 10 is a feast of inspiration which will leave you longing for the next issue to be released (And you won’t have too long to wait as issue 11 is due to go on sale in October!)

You can order a copy of Wrap Issue 10 “Into the Wild” from their online shop, where you can also find a variety of back issues, wrapping materials and illustrated stationary to fill your house or studio with.




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Greg McIndoe - also known as Headless Greg - is an illustrator and design writer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He regularly writes for design magazines and online platforms, interviewing fellow illustrators and leading creatives.

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