Self Paced Packaging Challenge – Purchase Now for £99

Are you ready to craft incredible packaging illustrations? Purchase this course today to get instant access to all course material previously released for our 28 Day Challenge in November 2023. Let’s go!

What you get inside the Course

Expect incredible advice for developing your illustration style, insight on connecting with clients and building a successful freelance career; alongside a deep dive into creative process of creating stand out packaging illustrations in the form of articles, resources and over 6 hours of workshop recordings, hosted by Inkygoodness Collective mentors Lisa Hassell and Joel Ebsworth.

You’ll learn from Creative Directors at Bristol based design agency Rhythm Studio and women owned agency, Austin TX agency Wonderkind on how they work with illustrators and their tips for crafting incredible packaging illustrations inside our recorded industry talks.

Plus access three in-depth Packaging Illustration Masterclasses with established illustrators Marco Oggian (US), Good Wives & Warriors (UK) and Lynn Bremner (UK/AUS), as they take you through their creative process and share case studies of client work for leading brands including Kiehls and Bonehead Brewing and more!

Get instant access now for just £99. Limited offer ends April 3rd 2024.

This self paced packaging illustration course is perfect for Illustrators like you who:

  • Want a little extra support, motivation, and focus as you find your creative voice and develop your portfolio.
  • Love learning at your own pace and would benefit from the structure of a course and access to industry-standard briefs
  • Are interested in exploring illustration for packaging but feel a bit lost about how and where to start
  • Missed out on the live challenge but would love the opportunity to dive in!

What’s included

  • x 3 Creative Briefs set by Rhythm Studio, Wonderkind and illustrator Lynn Bremner
  • x 3 Illustration Masterclasses with Marco Oggian, Good Wives & Warriors and Lynn Bremner (Recordings)
  • x 2 Industry Zoom Talks + Q&A with Rhythm Studio Creative Directors Andy German and Luke Ferrand; and Cally Burgess, Creative Director and Emma Gould, Senior Project Manager at Wonderkind (Recordings)
  • x 8 Workshop Sessions with Inkygoodness co-hosts and mentors Lisa Hassell & Joel Ebsworth (Recordings)
  • Guides, Articles & Resources to support your Creative Development as Illustrators
  • Lifetime Access to all 28 Day Packaging Challenge Course Content!
  • Option to Join Inkygoodness Collective (Paid Membership)

Creative Briefs

Our self paced packaging illustration course gives you access to two creative briefs set by Creative Directors at Rhythm Studio and Wonderkind Agency + a BONUS Brief set by masterclass speaker & mentor Lynn Bremner!

Here’s what you’ll be working on:

  • A set of playful illustrated can labels for non-alchoholic drink brand Noodoo set by Rhythm Studio – you’ll be designing labels for three flavours of nootropic drinks: Orange, Lime & Blueberry!
  • An illustrated label for Spanish hot sauce brand Rita Lita, set by Wonderkind Agency, inspired by Mexican heritage and culture – with a bit of spice!
  • A packaging illustration for Melbourne based coffee roastery Bloom Coffee for their new blend ‘Morning Ritual’ – bonus brief set by illustrator Lynn Bremner.

Along the way you will also learn from our creative directors about how they work with illustrators, as they present case studies and join us for a Q&A to support your understanding of creative process behind packaging illustration projects.

Masterclass Illustrators

We’re delighted to present recorded sessions with Good Wives & Warriors, Marco Oggian and Lynn Bremner. Inside these masterclasses you will get incredible insight on the creative process as we unpack campaign work for global brands Giass, Pacific&Co, Bright Brewery, Chilly’s, Tsuno and Campos and learn the secrets behind their studio practice!

Course Fee

Our Packaging Illustration Self Paced Course is priced at £99 for a limited time only!

Please note this self paced course does not include mentoring, live feedback or prizes. Fee includes access to the recordings and creative briefs only.

Share your work with Inkygoodness

We would love to see your finished projects and invite you to share your work on Instagram! Tag @inkygoodness and @inkygoodnesscollective with the hashtag #28DayPackagingChallenge and we will repost your illustration work on our stories.

We will also select the best projects to share on our dedicated Inkygoodness Collective Instagram account every month!

What else do I need to know?

The most important thing to know about this 28-Day Challenge is that this is going to stretch you – and that by committing the time you’ll leave with a THREE incredible packaging projects for your portfolio, an opportunity to learn from Creative Directors at two leading agencies and established illustrators working in packaging illustration.

Grab instant access to our 28 Day Challenge right now and level-up your portfolio today!



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