Visual Playground present a series of creative conferences in Bucharest, Romania

Visual Playground present a summertime marathon of graphic design and illustration for their fifth creative conference.

A series of conferences dedicated to all creatives interested in graphic design, illustration, art direction, advertising or storytelling, Visual Playground are shortly opening their doors for their fifth edition.

In the midst of summer, Visual Playground will be transforming Bucharest into the meeting place of some of the world’s most accomplished graphic designers and illustrators with a series of mind-blowing conferences titled Visual Playground Open Nights.

The conference nights will take place on July 26th, July 31st and August 4th, all three within Expirat Halele Carol in Bucharest, Romania.

VISUAL PLAYGROUND OPEN NIGHTS means 3 mind-blowing conferences starring some of the world’s most accomplished graphic designers and illustrators: Steve Simpson (illustrator, letterer, UK), Mattias Adolfsson (illustrator, SE), Malika Favre (graphic designer, UK), Tobias Hall (illustrator, letterer, UK), Hedof (illustrator, NL), David Carson (graphic design legend, US) and Yukai Du (illustrator & animator, UK).

A limited number of tickets is now available online here.


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