We take a look at Anthony Burrill’s new book Make It Now!

A strikingly visual and insightful personal journey through the life and career of prolific artist and designer Anthony Burrill.

With a career defined by letterpress, print and design, Anthony Burrill’s ‘Make it Now’ is bursting with creative inspiration and the advice on the art of getting things done.

Written in a familiar tone of voice ‘Make it Now’ is humble and incisive, modest and yet critically informed by a career defined by bold simplicity…

Sometimes opportunities come along disguised as something else, you need to learn to look beyond the obvious and see how you can do somebody a good turn and also use the situation to make a great piece of work for yourself.

From cover to cover ‘Make it Now’is jam-packed with the seminal typographic style you want and expect from a biography and guide to creative thinking by one the UK’s leading graphic artists. From how Burrill first found inspiration in letterpress beer-mats as a child, his first commission for MTV and beyond, it evolves to candidly explore his working ethos, peppered with advice that is both honest, lasting and relevant.

A lot of people are afraid of simplicity because they think they are going to lose the message – the impact and the beauty of it. What I love about Anthony’s work is that his version of simplicity enhances the message and the impact.

Erik Kessels

Perhaps what is most charming is the openness with which Anthony speaks about his own work. It’s self reflective, critical at times, but above all else it is underpinned with advice that any established professional will no doubt empathise with; and any student, or emerging artist will find invaluable.

Don’t blow your own trumpet too hard, its important to have self-belief and a certain amount of courage, but when you come across as too self-important its doesn’t engage people.

Anthony Burill

Work Hard & Be Nice to People’ – Burrill’s most notable manifesto seems to take on a new depth of meaning, in the context of ‘Make it Now’. It speaks to his belief in encouraging lasting relationships, embracing simplicity, being happy, and allowing and encouraging an understanding, both of yourself and others.

‘Make it Now – Creative Inspiration and the Art of Getting Things Done’ is available to purchase now from Penguin Books for £18.99.


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