The Colour Edit: Min Pin

Australian design label Min Pin specialises in hand made jewellery, ceramics and textiles with a playful, contemporary aesthetic.

All Min Pin products are design and created by Penny Ferguson in her Melbourne based studio.  Summed up by the designer as “disco fun”, her soft colour palette, playful characters and energetic pattern work define the Min Pin aesthetic.
This subtle yet striking combination add a luxury, elegant feel, which contrasts and yet perfectly compliments the eccentric nature of her creations.

Her use and choice of colour comes relatively easy and natural to her, as she describes it as instinctive: “It’s almost like I can see the combination in my head before I start.” With colour combinations already formed in her mind, Penny can tackle a new project unencumbered, allowing her to focus on another key part of her process – the art of play.

Her reliable palette allows for uninhibited experimentation and so plays a fundamental role in the charmingly carefree nature of her designs.

The Min Pin palette is not in itself unique – the world of design is currently awash with muted pastel tones and metallic accents. Speaking of her take on this trend, Penny says like to keep up to date with what is current but makes a conscious effort not to outright copy motifs or palettes popularised by other designers.

I just try to take in everything that I love, mix it up together and hopefully squeeze up something new.

Penny Ferguson

Particularly likely to get a trend-spotter’s juices going is Min Pin’s recent collaboration with fellow Melbourne based design label Togetherness, a textile collection entitled “Walkabout” inspired by Australian mysteries and folklore. Setting painted greenery against pastel pink shapes is a clever twist on a popular interior design trend and the combination of Min Pin’s calming colours with Togetherness’ richer, more contrasted palette, creates a wonderfully adventurous pattern.

It is often said that working within set parameters breeds creativity and this is particularly true in the case of Min Pin. Penny’s well-calculated formula for colour perfection not only allows her to focus on the all important experimentation but can be configured to include additional tones and go towards creating a unique collaborative style.

The resulting palette is a a major component of the Min Pin aesthetic, reflecting the her unique personality and helping the brand to transcend trends and implement itself as a quirky yet classic staple.


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