In-Focus: Sweety Branding Studio for Goovi

Brazilian creative Isabela Rodrigues launched Sweety Branding Studio three years ago to further develop her passion for tactile design and illustration.

Attracting attention for bright, playful icons, characters and branding for Illegal Burger, FROO.IT and Juice Meds amongst others, SBS aspired to elevate design to a ‘collectable level’ creating packaging that appeals on an emotional level.

One of their latest branding projects, for food company Goovi oozes personality and energy, making use of vibrant colours to create a youthful brand. “Our goal is to draw attention with creative, intelligent and awesome packaging,” reveals founder and creative director Isabela Rodrigues. “The first step is to understand the project, prepare the team and perceive the customer needs,” explains Rodrigues, whose team routinely brain storm together before the they begin the design process. “The market is constantly changing – we need to be aware of what already exists and to run away from it.”

Goovi is a brand of “Brazilian paletas” with a young, innovative soul and a wide range of flavours. The name is the union between the words “Good” and “Vibes”.

To represent the essence of the brand, we used vibrant colours and situations that bring the ideology of the company. Goovi is good vibes on a stick.

When questioned on the appeal of illustration to consumers, Rodrigues reflected, “The market is constantly changing and the shelves too. I understand that the sight is attracted by the most different product on the shelf, either by its structural or graphic appeal. That`s our goal: drawing public’s attention with some creative, intelligent and awesome packaging.”

I think the best way to show your work is on the shelves. It`s an open gallery where thousands of people pass by every day. The great skill of the illustrator is to turn talent into something seller and with commercial appeal.

Extracts from this interview appear in Get Started with Packaging Design published on CreativeBloq. Read the feature here.


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