Grad Spotlight: Polly Lindsay

Polly Lindsay is a recent Graphic Design graduate from Falmouth University, where her practice led her to combine graphics with handcrafted design, illustration and typography.

Most recently she has started exploring the art of paper craft, creating bold designs like her colorful fruit and vegetables series. In today’s Graduate Spotlight we explore Polly’s world further and discover the inspiration behind her work.

There is something magical in transforming a flat piece of paper into something tangible. I like to use design as a way to inject a bit of fun into peoples lives.

Tell us a little bit about your career so far – did you get any client work under your belt whilst you were studying?

Since graduating a year ago I have been enjoying building up my portfolio with my paper creations. I’ve been doing some freelance illustration at Blast Design working as a paper artist for two different campaigns for the National Maritime Museum. It was exciting to see my work in magazines and on the National Maritime’s home page. I have also been doing some freelance work for a local toy museum and pub! I’m currently part of the project Brighton Artist Deck of Cards organised by the talented illustrator Thea ZL Wilkins. 54 illustrators from around Brighton are each allocated a card to illustrate, which will then be printed into a beautiful pack of cards.

Who are your creative heroes?

Kit Williams, the man behind Masquerade is an incredible artist. I love that most of his works don’t just look beautiful but are functional too. I also love the dreamy paintings of Mark Ryden.  One of my favourite paintings ever is Dorothea Tanning’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, it looks like a dream I once had.

Do you get much time for travel? How do trips inspire your practice?

I love to travel! I recently went to Seville and fell in love with the Moorish architecture and patterns, I took lots of photos and made many sketches. I plan to make a project inspired by them one day. I really love the art scene in Amsterdam, I can see myself working there. I also enjoy visiting galleries and exhibitions frequently, I go to Pick Me Up every year and always leave full of ideas!

Where do you work right now? 

My studio is currently my bedroom but I have plans to move to London in September and will hopefully find a shared studio. I feel it’s important to be working alongside other creatives. One of the things I really miss about Uni is that you are surrounded by creative people who can discuss your work. I think my work suffers when I don’t talk about it.

Dreams for the future? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

My dream is to be able to make a living out of what I make, without having to have a part time job on the side. By then I would have liked to explore this planet a little more, and perhaps be living in Melbourne in Australia or Amsterdam. That – and growing my own vegetables!



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