Instagram Crush: Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien uses his instagram feed to document his daily life as one of the industries leading illustrators.

From crafting with fruit and inking up leaves to the adventures of his ever-growing family of paper people, Jean’s prolific approach to work allows for plenty of play!

Getting a sneak peak into the sketchbook of any creative is always intriguing – whether it is a quick note or rough sketch, there is something very special about getting to witness the birth of a new idea.

His simplistic drawing style narrows the gap between the start and finish of his process and gives a feeling of spontaneity to his work.

We love the image Jean recently shared of a man attempting to punch his way out of an iPhone. The juxtaposition of his playfully handmade style with the sleek piece of technology creates subtle contrast and we always admire when someone can find humour in the breakage of a phone – something that everyone can relate to!

He also shares plenty of his own adventures, including a recent trip to New York where he got to guest clerk at a news stand in Times Square, selling Holidays, a new book he has just released with Hato Press. A paper man sinking into a cup of coffee in an I heart New York mug was a suitably hilarious, if a little unsettling, way to mark the trip.

Through funny anecdotes and spontaneous experimentation, Jean uses Instagram to engage with his followers, and share a little insight into his creative working process and daily life as an illustrator.

His penchant for bringing mundane objects to life with nothing more than a thick, inky marker has resulted in a staggering 210k followers on Instagram alone – no doubt helped along by his uncanny ability to inject humour into the every day.

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