Pinterest Mondays: A Playfully Painted Leaf

Another week, another contemporary DIY idea from Pinterest - this time courtesy of Barcelona based creative studio Cocolia.

Created by Mireia Ruiz, one half of Cocolia, “My Leaf” is one of many personal projects the studio work on which not only allow them plenty of creative freedom and room to play but allow them to try out new techniques which they can then take on to full client-initiated projects.
The slightly unorthodox and imaginative way of working shown in this project is extended throughout the entirety of Cocolia’s portfolio and has helped them build a creative studio with a playful, modern style and impressive list of clients.

It’s important not to over-analyse this project as spontaneity and uninhibited creativity have been played a much larger part in it’s creation that prolonged thinking and planning. That said, this is clearly the leaf of a creative!

Whether accidental or not, it’s contemporary colour palette (pale pinks and bold blues sitting joyfully atop their leafy canvas) and organic design, definitely add to the leaf’s powerful effect. Having lately become a bit obsessed with books about interior design and “My Leaf”, I see this creation as a perfectly playful addition to any home. It’s care free design and organic form give off a slightly bohemian vibe.

The concept fits with the boho-belief that it’s not the amount of money you spend on your house that matters but the amount of creativity and imagination you pour into it.

Sharing these beliefs, I love that all you need to create a piece as striking and contemporary as “My Leaf” is a couple of tubes of paint and a leaf! Finally, a use for all of the dregs of paint left at the bottom tins at the end of a decorating project – instead of leaving them to go unused in that cupboard (we all have one), why not get some or all of them out, get creative and bring some joy to your home?

This project (and multitude of variations it inspires), despite being a little tropical-looking, feels perfect for this time of year. With what is set to be the coldest Winter in 50 years closing in on use, we all need a bit extra colour in our lives to brighten things up a bit!


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Greg McIndoe - also known as Headless Greg - is an illustrator and design writer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He regularly writes for design magazines and online platforms, interviewing fellow illustrators and leading creatives.

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