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You’re invited to join our brand new membership community for artists and illustrators: Inkygoodness Collective (@inkygoodnesscollective)

Back in 2022 we invited a small cohort of 60 artists and illustrators inside our community, giving them a sneak peak at Inkygoodness Collective and since then our community has continued to grow on an invitation-only basis to 320 members today.

Doors will open again  on 2nd May 2024 and we are super excited to grow our community this year!

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Why Join?

Designed to support and connect artists and illustrators, Inkygoodness Collective you to join a network of likeminded creatives, and give you access to workshops, group sessions, industry mentoring, online events, digital resources, discounts on our courses, and the opportunity to submit your work for future exhibitions curated by Inkygoodness.

Why Do I Need to Answer Screening Questions?

We’re passionate about cultivating a community of likeminded creatives who are committed to forging a career in commercial illustration. We aim to be as inclusive as possible, whilst also ensuring we stay true to our values and our mission to support emerging and practising creatives on their career journey. We do not discriminate by age, race, gender or experience level – our members come from all age groups and backgrounds; from graduates and emerging artists through to seasoned creatives who are pivoting their career path from design, art direction and teaching.

Our screening process gives us the opportunity to find out more about potential members, and ensures we invite people in for the right reasons – artists and illustrators who are ready to be mentored and whom we believe will play an active role in shaping our community and the future of the collective.

Membership Perks

Start with a 7 day free trial  – then just £24.99 per month or £129.99 per year (save 57%!)

*Our growing archive of industry talks includes sessions with leading artists, designers and illustrators, including Hedof, Jacqueline Colley, Melissa Castrillon; artist & designer Kelly Anna, artist agency Pocko and founder of The Printed Peanut, Louise Lockhart to name a few!

Who we are

Inkygoodness is a global community focused on connecting, inspiring and developing artists and creative businesses. Founded by Lisa Hassell in 2010, Inkygoodness started as a series of exhibitions and events before launching an online blog. Following a relaunch in April 2021, Inkygoodness pivoted into mentoring; offering provide portfolio crits, workshops and a group coaching programme.

Over the last 2 years our Instagram community has more than doubled to 65k with Inkygoodness hosting regular IGTV interviews with leading creatives and adding to their course offering with the launch of Make Your Mark, a 12-week intensive programme designed to kickstart your illustration career. Make Your Mark returns in June as a new six month bootcamp offering industry mentoring, creative briefs, masterclasses, portfolio development and much more. Applications will launch in April 2024.

With a focus on personal and professional development for artists and illustrators, Inkygoodness is committed to engaging with emerging talent, sharing knowledge, offering support and cultivating a creative community for artists and illustrators to connect and thrive.

Why our members love it

“It’s so important to have a community where you can share tips and tricks with each other and ask for advice – knowledge is power!? The Collective has really catapulted me in the right direction.”
— Lynn Bremner, Illustrator

“I’m very happy with the progress I have made in my journey to come back to illustration since joining Inkygoodness Collective. The atmosphere in this space is truly amazing, the support, the talent, the wonderful energy of the people, and most of all the fact that it feels like we’re working together, and we all want each other to succeed and enjoy the process as much as we want it for ourselves. I feel very lucky and grateful to be able to have access to this amazing community!”

Valeria Molinari, Illustator

“Joining the community has been an amazing experience. Working alongside such awesome, talented people. It’s so inspiring and motivating.”
— Dani Stacey, Illustrator

Being a member of the Inkygoodness collective helps because I get to spend time with likeminded people and have the collegiate support that I think would be impossible to do without.”
— Ville Salervo, Designer & Illustrator

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Shortlisted applicants will be approved to join Inkygoodness Collective on 2nd May 2024.

A full list of our membership Terms & Conditions can be found here. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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