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Join illustration agent Kat Irannejad for a brand new industry talk, as she shares her story and the ethos behind Totally Reps, harnessing her insight and industry experience as a global agent to present a brand new Masterclass on Crafting Your Portfolio.

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In this 90 minute session hosted by Inkygoodness Collective we will cover:

  • How to Design your Portfolio for your Dream Client
  • 5 Essential Components of a Successful Illustration Portfolio
  • Tips for Curating & Selecting Projects – What to Include & What to Avoid!
  • How to Write About Your Work Effectively
  • Crafting a Case Study & Why You Need them
  • Online Portfolios vs. PDF Presentations
  • Self Initiated Work vs. Client Work and What Matters Most
  • How to Pitch a Project Idea

Our Crafting Your Portfolio Masterclass with Kat will  provide insight and advice on translating your work into a strong portfolio; best practice tips on presentation, writing effective copy and pitching yourself to agencies (and potential clients); and how to stand out amongst the competition.

Expect incredible takeaways to inspire and support your creative development, with honest advice and insight on how to craft your portfolio and reach out to potential clients with confidence!

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