Instant Access: Craft Your Style with Illustrator & Animator Joe Taylor

Get inspired to add animation to your illustrations in our new Inkygoodness Masterclass with illustrator and animator Joe Taylor!

Join Joe Taylor as he guides you through the development of his creative journey so far with insight, advice and tips on developing your style and working in animation and how personal projects have inspired and informed his practice.

In this 90 minute Masterclass, Joe also dives into pitching ideas to clients alongside unpacking his favourite tools, apps and software programmes – sharing his work flow and how he creates sound to accompany his projects.

Scroll down to watch the replay! In this 90 minute session hosted by Inkygoodness Collective we will cover:

  • Background on Joe’s creative journey and the joy of personal work
  • A dive into crafting illustration and animation for clients including Green Man Festival and Procreate
  • Insight on Joe’s inspirations, early influences and go-to books and resources
  • Recommended tools, apps, plugins and software to get you started
  • A sneak peak behind the scenes into his process – from sketching to work flow, file set up and organising layers in Photoshop and Procreate
  • A live drawing demo!
  • Working with sound / music and his favourite tools
  • Advice on how to develop and craft your style
  • + much more!

Aboout Joe Taylor

Based in Berlin, Joe Taylor’s visual world is surreal, funny and sometimes disturbing. Originally a graphic designer, Joe has worked with clients around the world including Apple, Netflix, Google, Green Man Festival, TED, Berliner Zeitung, and FXX. Recently he has been enjoying working on music videos, gifs, logos and educational animations, as well as experimenting with sound design and game design.      

Throughout the session Joe also answered questions posted by attendees on everything from his software tools and shortcuts, favourite brushes and file set up, alongside reflecting on his personal experiences with imposter syndrome and riding ups and downs of working in the creative industry.

Joe also demonstrates how he works in Photoshop and Procreate, with recommendations for plugins and working with colour; alongside a sneak peak at how he prepares a pitch for a client. Awesome content!

You’ll leave with tonnes of inspiration and ideas to develop your style and tips on how to get started with animation to diversify your skillset – and attract more clients & creative opportunities with newfound confidence.

Watch the recording now:

Resources & tools recommended by Joe Taylor

  • Amazing for drawing. Can be used to animate but may be not the most intuitive.
  • Feels a bit clunky compared to Procreate but it’s more powerful.
  • I use a plugin called animator’s toolbar pro to give me animation functions.
  • There is a similar free plug-in called animdessin but I’ve never tried it.
  • Best for sketching and also creating final artwork (can be exported to adobe formats which is great).
  • The automatic drawing time lapses it generates are really nice to share.
Procreate Dreams 
  • Great for quickly sketching out animation ideas.
  • Ideal for shorter animations.
  • I find the coloring options a bit limited but that might change as it’s updated.
  • Brushes are amazing (can import from Procreate).
After Effects
  • I tend to use this as it’s intended. To add effects ‘after’ making the animation. 
  • I do my editing and comping in here for longer animations.
  • Photoshop – Kyles Classic Cartoonist
  • Procreate – Mercury (edited)


  • I use Logic or Ableton.
  • (Logic is significantly cheaper but ableton is prob more fun out of the box).
  • You could also start with something free like audacity or garageband.
  • I recommend getting a handheld recorder to start recording your own sounds at home and out and about. I have the zoom H5.
  • You can always find stuff on and
  • To easily start making animations that work to the beat, you can work at 120bpm.
  • That way you know you will always have 2 beats of music per second on your timeline.

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