Instant Access: Drawing with Scissors – Collage Workshop with Molly Mural

Thank you for purchasing access to our Drawing with Scissors Collage Workshop with Molly Mural!

Join visual artist Molly Mural for a brand new online collage workshop as she guides you through the joy of craft and drawing with scissors! In this 2 hour session hosted by Inkygoodness Collective, Molly will introduce her practice with visual inspiration, before guiding you through 5 stages of her creative process to create your own joyful collage, inspired by themes around positivity.
  • Using larger sheets of colorful paper to create your background
  • Bringing together paper cutouts and creating various shapes to create a sense of flow
  • Playing with pattern to create depth and making textures with poscas
  • Experimenting with ‘drawing with scissors’ inspired by found objects to create abstract shapes and details
  • Applying stickers pen marks to establish balance and visual interest
  • Using a found frame or mount and decorating this with pattern and colour to finish your collage artwork
  • Interactive discussion and presentation at the end of the session to share your final piece with the group.
Materials List Before you begin our workshop please gather the following materials:
  • A4 Coloured Card/Paper
  • A3 Coloured Card/Paper
  • Old Magazines/Newspapers
  • Scissors
  • Glue (Pritt Stick)
  • Assorted coloured, patterned, and unique papers
  • Coloured Tapes
  • Stickers
  • Posca Pens/Coloured Pens
  • A4 Frame for Decorating or A3 Card
Ahead of the workshop please gather materials as listed above; 3 found objects (i.e plant, vase) + plus any art books for personal inspiration. We hope you enjoy this workshop. Please share your finished pieces on Instagram with the hashtag #drawingwithscissors and tag @mollymural and @inkygoodnesscollective – we can’t wait to see what you create!
Watch the recording now:

Thank you for joining us!

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