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Join illustrator Katie Scarlett for a brand new online masterclass as she guides you through how to find your niche as an illustrator, from developing passion projects to honing your skills, exploring new ways of working and engaging with subject matter that inspires and influences your creative practice.

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In this 90 minute session hosted by Inkygoodness Collective you will learn:
  • How to identify and nurture your own visual identity.
  • How to find your voice as an illustrator.
  • Advice, insight and actionable steps to support your practice
  • How to connect with your inspirations and influences.
  • Tips for building your skills and crafting personal work.

We’ll explore Katie’s creative journey so far; how living in Brooklyn, New York has inspired her portfolio projects; alongside unpacking commercial work for a variety of clients.

You will learn how dedicating time to personal work is the key to developing your voice as an illustrator; and come away with fresh inspiration, insight and ideas to apply to your own practice – alongside actionable steps to guide your next steps to help you find your niche.

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