Exhibition: Parra presents ‘Yer So Bad’

Amsterdam-based, Dutch artist Parra, has returned to the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York with a series of new works, inspired by the everyday and the awkward.

The exhibition, titled ‘Yer So Bad’ – after the Tom Petty song – showcases a continuation of Parra’s witty and salacious post-pop imagery, and features his signature hybrid figures and freeform typography through works on both canvas and paper.

From sarcastic and introspective to daring and nonsensical, Parra promises to delight spectators with his fast and freestyle compositions, accented with graphic lines – and, to challenge the traditional norms of painting through his own depiction of popular culture.

Spectators can expect to see a number of esoteric characters on display at ‘Yer So Bad’, as Parra portrays curvaceous, nude subjects with bird-like features in a variety of suggestive circumstances, creating a provocative species with comic-like sensibility.

jonathanlevinegallery.com | byparra.com

‘Yer So Bad’ is open at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery from 8 January – 7 February. 


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