Studio Mama Wolf: Kickstarter Campaign

Studio Mama Wolf have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them create a unique, dual-purpose shop and studio at Hackney Downs in London.

Sandra Dieckmann, Jill Tytherleigh and Laura Hughes – the collective behind Studio Mama Wolf. They aim to create a space to view and buy affordable illustration. Simultaneously offering the public a view into the creative process.

The new studio and shop will be located on the ‘Village Green’ at Hackney Downs Studios. The Village Green currently houses a bike shop, a florist, a hairdresser, a wellness centre, art gallery and gym. They hope to be finished in time for Hackney Downs annual Open Day on the 4th of June, and are planning a huge party!

The space will play home to the illustrators workspaces (situated on a new mezzanine level which a chunk of the funds raised will be used to build) as well as a shop and exhibition space and act as a meeting spot for like-minded creatives and a hub for discussion and advice. Throwing their doors open to the public all year round will also create a more natural atmosphere than the usual once-yearly studio “open days”.

As well as selling a range of hand made and crafted products in their shop, the studio will host a number of events for the public to get involved in including art exhibitions, screen printing evening, book signings, networking events, portfolio feedback sessions and workshops. On top of all this, there will be a special “hot desk” for new and emerging artists to experience working life in a busy creative studio, try out their own goods in the shop and get advice and feedback from fellow illustrators and the public.  

Studio Mama Wolf have put together an extraordinary list of rewards for anyone generous enough to donate to their new project. The list of goodies up for grabs includes discounted prints (including some illustrations created specially for the campaign), portfolio sessions, original drawings and much more! At the very top of the list is the opportunity to commission Sandra Dieckmann to create a one of piece for you, something she usually usually no longer offers.

Having launched their campaign less than a week ago, Sandra, Laura and Jill have already raised almost all of their £200 goal. However, they have said is a conservative goal and the bare minimum needed for the project. Extra funds raised would be spent on making the space a special place to visit.

Ultimately, Studio Mama Wolf hope to inspire and be inspired by sharing knowledge and building a community – a venture well worth supporting.



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