Wild Fridays: [Anna Lomax]

Simon Wild pays a visit to the bizarre and colourful wonderland of Anna Lomax

Beach balls, patterns, neon and glittery stuff. All co-existing in the unique set designs of Anna Lomax.  Anna’s surreal three dimensional compositions appear at first glance to be thrown together in a whirlwind, but are in fact  carefully considered constructions of shape colour and scale, designed to lead the eye and tell a story.

Anna’s work has been sitting successfully for a while now at the intersection between illustration, art direction and sculpture and continues to remain challenging while retaining a commercial appeal. As with any designs that are tactile and physical, they depend on the camera to frame them, bring them to life and immortalise them. This is how Anna’s constructions gain their visual power.

A great vision from a great designer.


Have a great weekend!

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