[The Jaunt] Artist Nigel Peake heads to the Scilly Isles

Looking at the work of Nigel Peake, it comes as no surprise that a study of architecture preceded his career in drawing. His drawings show a keen eye for patterns and structures while being complimented with a soft and natural colour palette.

During the past 10 years Nigel Peake has published over 35 books, including the two bookshelf must-haves ‘In the Wilds’ and ‘In the City’. Through blending his personal interests with sharp observations of his surroundings Nigel has created a truly unique visual language.

Nigel is the latest artist to participate in The Jaunt, a project that fuses art and travel. Nigel has just arrived in the Scilly Isles for his three-day tip, and as other artists before him, he will be making a unique print to celebrate his trip. Earlier in the week, we caught up with him to find out more about his plans.

You’ve moved from the ‘Middle of Nowhere’ in Northern Ireland to the Capital of France, Paris. What led you to make this move? And how has it been effecting your work, if it has?

The middle of nowhere is where I grew up. I still think of it as my home because it’s where I  return when I can. It’s very beautiful. I studied architecture in Edinburgh, then moved around various places, then  lived in Switzerland for a few years teaching architecture and now I find myself in Paris. I like this city, it’s light, shape and scale. It is difficult to say if or how it affects my work but I draw a lot when here.

How did you get in touch with the people of The Jaunt?

Jeroen from the Jaunt got in touch with me and I happened to be passing by Copenhagen and he told me more of the project and I was happy to be involved.

Who chose the destination for this trip? Did you bring it up yourself? If so, why did you want to go to this place specifically?

I was free to go anywhere. The past few years when I think of a place, it is almost always an island, I like to be by the sea. Around 12 years ago I was to go to the Scilly Isles but it did not happen, and since then I have wanted to visit it and thought perhaps now was a good time.

What do you know already about the Scilly Isles?

Next to nothing, I like a little mystery for things like this so that I can discover it when I am there.

Is there anything specific that you are hoping to find or get inspired by during your trip?

As I say, I do not know what I will find but I like the idea of walking and making a drawing of the edge of something, the sea, the wind and the big vacant sky. We will see what happens.

Are you working on any more book projects at the moment? Can we expect another book from you soon?

At the moment, I am working on six books — Stacks, Stretch, Square, Recu, Strip and Unshorn. I am also preparing for a solo show called ‘If It Is’ in Fotokino in Marseille in June.

nigelpeake.com | thejaunt.net

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