We Like: The Printed Peanut

The Printed Peanut is an online shop with an ever-expanding range of beautifully illustrated products including a selection of traditional toys and games reinvented for a modern age.

The idea for The Printed Peanut came to illustrator Louise Lockhart in 2012 whilst working in a stationary shop. Eager to start her own line of illustrated products and seeing a gap in the market for quality party games, Louise fuelled herself on peanut butter and began to design and print hand-made Pass the Parcels.


The Parcels are made up of layers of Louise’s beautiful wrap design. Underneath each layer is a different creative forfeit such as “Make a hat out of a layer of paper”, climaxing in a fun games for the entire group to play making everyone a winner! This traditional game has been been beautifully brought up to date with Louise’s inky illustration style and is the perfect party activity for guests young and old.


Sine then, these parcels have been sold all over the world and were featured in The Guardian’s Gift Guide at Christmas 2013. Louise has also gone on to design a range of different products and has even found time to collaborate with knitted creature creator Donna Wilson.

As soon a Printed Peanut package lands on your doorstep you know you are in for some fun. Wrapped in custom designed wrapping paper, the package makes an exciting addition to your mail and perfectly captures The Printed Peanut brand.

printed-peanut-1 printed-peanut-3

As well as the shop’s signature Pass the Parcels, products include packs of vinyl stickers and printed illustrations of a variety of subjects from cacti to ice-cream vans. Looking for something more personal? Order a personalised phrenology map of the mind print and you can choose 10 words to go in the sections of the illustrated brain. Filled with obscure interests, this would make a fantastic quirky gift.


We also love the 1960’s inspired paper doll’s house (above). With a sheet of people and pets to colour-in and cut-out, you can put your own stamp on this stylish little home.

printed-peanut-21 printed-peanut-19

The latest additions to the online store are three 100% natural soaps; lavender bath soap, lemony shaving soap and unscented soap for sensitive skin. Unwrapping each (carefully of course to so’s not to harm the beautiful packaging) reveals a lovely smiling face stamped into the bar. All this an more is available to buy online via The Printed Peanut website.




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Greg McIndoe - also known as Headless Greg - is an illustrator and design writer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He regularly writes for design magazines and online platforms, interviewing fellow illustrators and leading creatives.

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