A day in the life of film maker and photographer Remco Merbis

The beauty of Remco’s typical day is that there isn’t one. This filmmaker and photographer focuses on capturing moments that connect with audiences on an emotional level – wherever the visual journey may take him.

Remco Merbis has been working in the creative industries since the late nineties, during a time when digital was starting to shape the way we communicate forever. In 2004, he left his hometown of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and settled in amongst Bristol’s vibrant creative community; working with everyone from the most innovative entrepreneurs to the world’s biggest brands.

He specialises in portraiture, fashion and lifestyle photography, predominantly using a Canon 5D Mark II and a set of Canon lenses. For films, Remco produces, directs, shoots and edits projects that span non-fiction digital content, commercials, narrative shorts, brand films, TV programmes and music videos. He is a big fan of his Sony PXW-FS7, and likes to use Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve to create the exact looks he’s after.

Aside from being the main man behind content production agency Pixillion, Remco is also co-founder and editor of a photojournalism series called Make A Place. Collaborating with co-founder Anna Hoghton, the team aims to create a platform for makers to share their thoughts and inspirations; identifying places that shaped them, the places that stayed with them, and the place they now make from.

Remco is known to combine vision and strategy in all his work, pushing the creative boundaries at every opportunity. As such, be it a brand, an agency or an individual, he understands what makes a great immersive campaign, and knows how to produce authentic brand stories that move audiences.

Make A Place with Harold Hedges © Remco Merbis

Make A Place with Harold Hedges © Remco Merbis

Make A Place with Harold Hedges © Remco Merbis

Make A Place with Harold Hedges © Remco Merbis

On set

Today, we join Remco on location to shoot the story of a Goldsmith who has been mastering his craft for over 50 years, and is trusted by generations of families to design and make their jewellery. This will be the next story in the Make A Place series, which has recently gone international with co-founder Anna moving to LA.

It is quite clear why Remco is so keen to be here. Not only is the Harold a wonderful character – a humble, good man of exceptional talent – but his workshop is like stepping into another world. Everywhere you look, there are old newspaper cuttings, phone numbers squiggled on the wall from loyal customers to the gold dust that glimmers on the floor as we step into his studio, hidden away in the heart of Clifton, Bristol.

Remco documents our surroundings; a bronze buddha in one corner; a discarded silver chain that hasn’t been collected by the owner; weathered workshop tools used to create his pieces. The studio feels like a living journal, which each artefact comes a story and it is Remco’s job to uncover the greater truths.

Bronze Buddha from Harold Hedges’ studio | Make A Place with Harold Hedges © Remco Merbis

Make A Place with Harold Hedges © Remco Merbis

Make A Place with Harold Hedges © Remco Merbis

It is this sense of place and feeling of belonging that Remco conveys through the lens. Recalling the smaller things that trigger a memory. This is the purpose of ‘Make A Place’. A new series of studio visits that Remco would like to continue with more photographers, writers, and makers.


Back in his studio, Remco starts the meticulous post-production process and reflects on the day’s shoot. Remco, like Harold, has been fortunate to turn his passion into his profession, so much so that even his free time revolves around a camera.

Many of his creative side projects offer a chance to try new things, and inspire others. The digital world has given such ventures an instant outlet to showcase creatives; connecting like-minded people to produce the next big thing. After all, those who care about their work will always win.

© Damon Charles

www.merbis.com | www.pixillion.com | www.makeaplace.net

Extracts from this feature appear on makeaplace.net. 


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