Join our 28-Day Editorial Illustration Challenge – Starts 13th March!

In developing this Challenge, we asked ourselves: what can we do to help more of you - our artist community - successfully land your first (or next) paid commission.

This challenge has now ended. Looking for our 28 Day Branding Challenge? Head over here! Starts 3rd July.


Here’s our answer:

A 28-Day Challenge to Create Your First (Or Next) Editorial Illustration

This 28-Day Challenge will kickoff on Monday 13th March and will include:

Prizes. We’re going to bring in prizes to provide even more focus and motivation for you to complete THREE Editorial Briefs.

Challenge Programming. Over the course of 28 days, we’ll provide a step-by-step structure for how to tackle an Editorial Illustration, from creative brief to research; concepts, client feedback, artwork and delivery!

Daily Check-Ins. If you’ve had a chance to join Lisa for any of the courses or workshops she’s done in the past, then you know how valuable these check-ins are going to be. Think about them as a “daily accountability” to keep you on track.

Weekly Break-Out Rooms. Meet and connect with other members each week to share progress, troubleshoot and get feedback.

AMA Sessions. Meet leading illustrators, agents and commissioners. Learn from industry professionals about the creative process involved and get your questions answered!

Final Showcase. Share your final illustrations with the group in a Zoom session hosted by your mentor Lisa at the end of the challenge.

And, as always, you’ll be part of a supportive community of fellow artists and illustrators on the same path to grow and develop their creative skills.

This Challenge is perfect for Illustrators who:

  • Want a little extra support, motivation, and focus as you find your creative voice and develop your portfolio.

  • Love being a part of a smaller group or community as you take on things that may feel a bit challenging or overwhelming.

  • Are motivated by deadlines or a little friendly competition.

Let’s dive into the details. Check out our FAQ here.

Prizes, Prizes & More Prizes

Why are we offering prizes for this Challenge?

Because, for some of us, the extra nudge of an external reward may be just the push we need to focus or perhaps take the next step we’ve been putting off.

Whatever you’re doing with your portfolio development right now, it’s too important to let it slide, so we’re incentivising you further with the following prizes (there are 17 up for grabs!)

  • 1st Prize. For the first Illustrator who completes all THREE Editorial Illustration Briefs to the best of their ability and hits our weekly deadlines, we’ll provide a lifetime membership to Inkygoodness Collective (priceless value!) + a £150 Apple Giftcard.
  • Top 5. For the next 5 Illustrators to hit the brief, we’ll provide a spot on the next run of Make Your Mark in September 2023 + a 1 year membership to Inkygoodness Collective.
  • Art Directors Award. For outstanding creative work produced during the challenge, our Art Directors will each choose TWO artists who has completed all their projects to award a paid commission later this year (1st prize); and a 1:1 Portfolio Crit (2nd prize).

Ask me Anything Talks, Q&As + Live Feedback 

To compliment the programme we are also hosting three ‘Ask me Anything’ talks with leading illustrators. Expect to hear their advice for developing your style, connecting with clients and building a successful freelance career; alongside a deep dive into their creative process as editorial illustrators. 

Masterclass Illustrators

Luis Mendo, Illustrator

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Luis Mendo’s illustrations emanate quiet optimism, a simple serenity that makes them irresistible. Whether joyful, melancholic or simply contemplative, his images are bathed in a benevolent light that reassures and helps to wait for better times. His client list includes Apple, Forbes, The Guardian, Monocle, New York Times, Washington Post and Wired.

Pat Thomas, Illustrator

Pat Thomas is a London-based illustrator who specialises in the hand-drawn. Originally from Cornwall, Pat’s personal work explores aspects of history and folklore, and playfully intertwines aspects of fact and fiction. Selected Clients include New York Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung, So Young Magazine, Hato press, The Illustration Journal, Twenty Three Magazine, Berlioz, London Mural Festival and Philosophy Today.

Vanessa Lovegrove, Illustrator

Vanessa Lovegrove is a Bristol-based illustrator – originally from London, she moved to the South West and graduated in 2011 with a Visual Communication degree at Bath Spa, Working as a children’s book designer initially before moving on to a stationery design studio, she made the leap to full time illustration in 2020. Working predominantly in editorial illustration, alongside book covers and packaging assignments. Her work expresses a genuine love of characters and narrative through the use of mark-making and texture.

Art Directors – Creative Briefs + Award Judges

We’ve also invited three art directors from leading publications to set our Artists and Illustrators taking part in the challenge a creative brief. We will drop one brief every week throughout the challenge – and you’ll have 5 days to turn it around.

With live workshops, group sessions and industry talks along the way, our 28 Day Challenge offers you an unrivalled opportunity to get your work in front of art directors whilst working on a live brief!

Each of our art directors will shortlist TWO artists for a paid editorial commission OR 1:1 Porfolio Crit later this year.

Let’s meet the art directors taking part!

Alice Buda – Art Director, Frankie Magazine

Alice Buda is a multidisciplinary designer and creative. Curiosity fuels her practice and allows her to innovate creatively and consistently. She is the senior designer at frankie magazine, based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia.

Paul Pensom – Art Director, Creative Review

Paul Pensom is an award-winning graphic designer and art director with thirty years’ top flight experience in the publishing industry. He is currently the Art Director of Creative Review magazine, and founder of his own design studio StudioPensom.

Cathy Olmedillas, Founder of Anorak Magazine

Studio Anorak is an independent kids publisher established in 2006 by Cathy Olmedillas that pioneered a new aesthetic and concept in children’s magazine publishing. Releasing Anorak Magazine and DOT four times a year, its ethos is to put creativity and joy at the heart of childhood.

Get Results

Prizes are just one way we’re setting up this Challenge to bring you focus, motivation, and some great support. The other is making it a paid Challenge.

One observation we’ve made over the last six months is that people pay more attention to what they pay for.

And we want you to be set up to take this Challenge seriously. So, we’re charging a one-time £149 fee to join.

Please note enrolment for our challenge has now closed.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

The most important thing to know about this 28-Day Challenge is that this is going to stretch you – and that by committing the time you’ll leave with a THREE incredible editorial projects for your portfolio.

Use this Challenge to complete your first (or next) editorial illustration a little bit faster and with more focus than doing it alone on your own.

Our brand new 28 day challenge will start on Monday 13th March at 6pm GMT with a Kick-Off session led by Lisa. Then, the Challenge will end on Friday 7th April with our Award Ceremony.

Got questions? Check out our FAQ here.

Session timings

Key Dates (Zoom + Live Streams)

All Zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded to Vimeo and made available to watch on replay within 3 hours of the live event. All live streams will be shared inside our private space!

All timings listed in GMT / UK

All zoom sessions will last between 1-1.5 hours.

28-Day Editorial Challenge – Kick Off Event (Zoom) – Monday 13th March @ 7.00pm – 8.00pm* NEW TIME
Creative Briefings (Zoom) @ 10.30am – Every Tuesday (14/03 + 21/03 + 28/03)
Daily Check-in Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – Various Times, Live Stream
Hit the Deadline! (Zoom) @ 5pm – Every Monday (20/03 + 27/03 + 03/04)

Workshops (Zoom) One hour. Pick ONE session to attend every week:

Live Workshopping Afternoon Session @ 5pm – Every Tuesday (14/03 + 21/03 + 28/03)
Live Workshopping Late Session @ 11pm – Every Wednesday (15/03 + 22/03 + 29/03)
Live Workshopping Morning Session @ 10.30am – Every Friday (17/03 + 24/03 + 01/04)

Industry Talks (Zoom Webinar)

Masterclass w/ Editorial Illustrator Luis Mendo – 16/03 @ 11.00am – 12.30pm
Masterclass w/ Editorial Illustrator Pat Thomas – 22/03 @ 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Masterclass w/ Editorial Illustrator Vanessa Lovegrove – 30/03 @ 10.30am – 12.00am

Ask Me Anything Sessions w/Art Directors (Zoom Webinar)

AMA w/ Alice Buda, Art Director at Frankie Magazine – 21/03 @ 7.00am
AMA w/ Paul Pensom, Art Director at Creative Review –  29/03 @ 6.00pm
AMA w/ Cathy Olmedias, Founder of Anorak Magazine – 06/04 @ 10.30am

Final Showcase
(Zoom) Pick ONE to attend + Award Ceremony

Afternoon Showcase – 05/04 @ 6.00pm – 8.00pm
Morning Showcase – 06/04 @ 10.30am – 12.30pm
Evening Showcase – 06/04 @ 7am – 9am
Award Ceremony – 07/04 @ 12.00pm (Live Stream)

Please note enrolment for our challenge has now closed.

Artists taking part in the 28 Day Creative Challenge will be invited to join our private group hosted inside Inkygoodness Collective on Monday 13th March.


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