Join our 28 Day Branding Illustration Challenge – Starts 3rd July!

In developing this Challenge, we asked ourselves: what can we do to help more of you - our artist community - successfully land your first (or next) paid commission.

Here’s our answer:

A 28-Day Challenge to Create Your First (Or Next) Branding Illustration

This 28-Day Challenge will kickoff on Monday 3rd July and will include:

Prizes. We’re going to bring in prizes to provide even more focus and motivation for you to complete TWO Branding Illustration Briefs.

Challenge Programming. Over the course of 28 days, we’ll provide a step-by-step structure for how to tackle a Branding Illustration project, from creative brief to research; concepts, client feedback, artwork and delivery!

Daily Check-Ins. If you’ve had a chance to join Inkygoodness for any of the courses or workshops we’ve run in the past, then you know how valuable these check-ins are going to be. Think about them as a “daily accountability” to keep you on track.

Weekly Break-Out Rooms. Meet and connect with other members each week to share progress, troubleshoot and get feedback.

AMA Sessions. Meet leading illustrators, agents and commissioners. Learn from industry professionals about the creative process involved and get your questions answered!

Final Showcase. Share your final illustrations with the group in a Zoom session hosted by your mentor Lisa at the end of the challenge.

Bonus Challenges. We’ll also bring you a few extra surprises along the way!

And, as always, you’ll be part of a supportive community of fellow artists and illustrators on the same path to grow and develop their creative skills.

This Challenge is perfect for Illustrators who:

  • Want a little extra support, motivation, and focus as you find your creative voice and develop your portfolio.

  • Love being a part of a smaller group or community as you take on things that may feel a bit challenging or overwhelming.

  • Are motivated by deadlines or a little friendly competition.

Let’s dive into the details. Check out our FAQ here.

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Our next 28-day creative challenge will run from Monday 3rd July – Friday 28th July.

Prizes, Prizes & More Prizes

Why are we offering prizes for this Challenge?

Because, for some of us, the extra nudge of an external reward may be just the push we need to focus or perhaps take the next step we’ve been putting off.

Whatever you’re doing with your portfolio development right now, it’s too important to let it slide, so we’re incentivising you further with the following prizes.

  • 1st Prize. For the first Illustrator who completes all TWO Branding Illustration Briefs to the best of their ability and hits our weekly deadlines, we’ll provide a lifetime membership to Inkygoodness Collective (priceless value!) + a £150 Apple Giftcard.
  • Top 5. For the next 5 Illustrators to hit the brief, we’ll provide a spot on the next run of Make Your Mark in September 2023 + a 1 year membership to Inkygoodness Collective.
  • Art Directors Award. For outstanding creative work produced during the challenge, our Art Directors will each choose TWO artists who has completed all their projects to award a paid commission later this year (1st prize); and a 1:1 Portfolio Crit (2nd prize).
  • Illustration Award. Our Masterclass speakers will also choose THREE outstanding artists for 1:1 Portfolio Crits at the end of the challenge!

Masterclass Speakers

Let’s meet the illustrators taking part!

Masterclass Speaker: Christopher DeLorenzo – Illustrator

Christopher DeLorenzo is a freelance illustrator based in Massachusetts known for his clean-lined, firm aesthetic, but the content itself holds a cheekiness that keeps up-to-the-minute brands such as Mr Porter, Converse, Google and Tiffany & Co. eager to work with him.

After studying Communication Design at Syracuse University in upstate New York, he initially trained as an art director before beginning his work as an illustrator. “I really like to work with clients that make stuff, whether it’s clothes, guitars, drinks, food, films… I like to be involved and a part of that process where the other side understands the care and quality of image and craft.”

Chris is represented globally by Agent Pekka.

Masterclass Speaker: Maite Franchi, Illustrator

Maïté Franchi is a French illustrator working with eye-catching and pattern-filled digital compositions. Maïté works on a variety of projects ranging from editorial features, packaging projects, publishing and advertising campaigns as her stylish and dynamic character illustrations and bold tasteful colour palettes capture the eyes and imagination of a diverse range of audiences.

Maïté has worked with great brands such as Kiehl’s, Huawei, L’Oreal, Adobe, and more. Maïté is presented by Folio Art in the UK, and Virginie in France.

Masterclass Speaker: Hedof

Hedof is the one-man creative studio of Dutch illustrator Rick Berkelmans. His striking illustration work is a thoughtful, well balanced composition full of candy coloured sceneries, suspicious characters and wonky shapes that reflect Rick’s positive attitude and his studio filled with silly looking toys.

Berkelmans’ laid back, yet smart approach to imagemaking has found it’s way into numerous magazines, products, advertising campaigns, installations and huge walls, all over the globe.

Always able to maintain a strong, recognizable voice while working through different disciplines for clients such as Nike, Samsung, Lotte World Mall, Red Bull, Bombay Sapphire, Greenpeace and YouTube.

See below for session details & timings!

Art Directors – Creative Briefs + Award Judges

We’ve also invited two leading design and digital agencies on board to set illustrators taking part in the challenge a creative brief! We will drop one brief every other week throughout the challenge – and you’ll have 10 days to turn it around.

With live workshops, group sessions and industry talks along the way, our 28 Day Challenge offers you an unrivalled opportunity to get your work in front of art directors whilst working on a live brief. Expect briefs on event branding, packaging illustration & visuals for a startup Vegan food brand.

Each of our art directors will judge the submissions at the end of the challenge and shortlist TWO artists for a paid editorial commission OR 1:1 Porfolio Crit later this year.

Let’s meet the creative directors supporting the challenge!

Oat Agency

Oat are a London-based, multi-disciplinary design studio founded by award-winning designers Owen and Tori Phillips-Walmsley.

Their past clients range from fashion and lifestyle brands, to arts and cultural establishments, specialising in brand identities, graphic design, print, digital and event graphics.

Previously Owen and Tori were part of the team at Bread Collective, who were well known for their branding work on Green Man Festival, hiring illustrators such as Norwegian illustrator Sunniva Krogseth to bring the festival to life through imaginary worlds and magical creatures.

We aim to work with people and organisations who share our belief in the power of creativity, and who want to have a positive impact in the world.

Owen Phillips-Walmsley, Creative Director at Oat
We will be joined by Owen and Tori Phillips-Walmsley on the challenge who will be imparting their expertise, insight and creative direction to support our students on delivering one of two branding illustration briefs!

Fiasco Design

Fiasco Design is a dedicated brand and digital studio. We partner with organisations
around the world to create purposeful, feel-good brands that re-shape their world for
the better. “At Fiasco, we feel strongly about the positive role creativity can play in today’s world.” says Ben Steers. “This is what drives us to find new ways to make our industry a more open, accessible and exciting place to be.”

Fiasco was set up in 2010 when founders, Ben Steers and Jason Smith came together through a shared belief in the positive power of creativity. Today, their 16-strong team works out of our Bristol studio, where they partner with businesses of all sizes, around the world.

From arts and culture to education, not-for-profit to tech, our diverse experiences help to bring fresh perspectives to every project. Fiasco Design’s clients include BBC, Channel 4, Just Eat, Microsoft, National Trust, Microoft, Whistle Punks & many more.

We will be joined by Ben Steers, Creative Director; Mike Frost, Digital Lead and Marj Newnham, Project Manager & Partner at Fiasco Design for the 28 Day Challenge, whom bring with them more than a decade of experience working in the creative industry.

From our Open Internship, to our commitment to B Corp, we’re always looking for ways to better the industry. We’re looking forward to getting involved in the 28 Day Challenge and helping to nurture the creative talent within the Inkygoodness Collective community!

Ben Steers, Creative Director at Fiasco Design

What to expect

Each agency’s creative brief will be tailored for the challenge. Their live feedback and guidance will help you create your best work. At the end of the challenge, a paid commission and 1:1 portfolio crit with the creative team will be awarded to two artists—one as the winner, the other as the runner up.

The commissioned winner will work with one of the agency’s clients on a live brief (within the next 12 months). As the runner up, you’ll receive a thorough 1:1 portfolio review with the creative team to help you develop your professional practice further. Both awards promise unique opportunities for creative development.

Alongside this everyone taking part can look forward to getting inspiration, motivation alongside forging new, meaningful relationships with two leading digital agencies and the prospect of attracting creative opportunities in future!

Get Results

Prizes are just one way we’re setting up this Challenge to bring you focus, motivation, and some great support. The other is making it a paid Challenge.

One observation we’ve made over the last six months is that people pay more attention to what they pay for.

And we want you to be set up to take this Challenge seriously. So, we’re charging a one-time £199 fee to join.

Enrolment closes Sunday 2nd July.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

The most important thing to know about this 28-Day Challenge is that this is going to stretch you – and that by committing the time you’ll leave with a TWO incredible branding illustration projects for your portfolio.

Use this Challenge to complete your first (or next) branding illustration a little bit faster and with more focus than doing it alone on your own.

Our brand new 28 day challenge will start on Monday 3rd July at 7pm BST with a Kick-Off session led by Lisa. Then, the Challenge will end on Friday 28th July with our Award Ceremony.

Got questions? Check out our FAQ here.

Session timings

We aim to keep the challenge as accessible as possible and host sessions at various times to accommodate different time zones and schedules – so wherever you are in the world you should be able to attend some sessions in real time!

There are apx. 3 hours of live sessions per week and we recommend allowing apx. 4-6 hours each week to develop your brand illustration work.

Each brief will require a turnaround time of 10 days with key stages and deadlines in place to keep you on track. Project deliverables will include thumbnails; colour drafts and final artwork delivery for submission to our Creative Directors who will judge the entries for the Awards.

Workshop sessions are designed to support you with live feedback in a group setting and provide you with tools, advice and critique along the way to help you navigate the challenge and produce your best work!

Key Dates (Zoom + Live Streams)

All Zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded to Vimeo and made available to watch on replay within 3 hours of the live event. All live streams will be shared inside our private space!

All timings listed in BST (GMT+1) / UK

All zoom sessions will last between 1-1.5 hours.

  • 28-Day Branding Illustration Challenge – Kick Off Event (Zoom) – Monday 3rd July @ 7.00pm – 8.00pm
  • Creative Briefings (Zoom Webinar) @ 10.30am – Every Tuesday (04/07 + 11/07)
  • Daily Check-in Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – Various Times, Live Stream
  • Hit the Deadline! (Zoom) @ 5pm – Every Monday (17/07+ 24/07)

Masterclass Sessions (Zoom Webinar*)

  • Masterclass w/ Branding Illustrator Maite Franchi – 06/07 @ 10.30am – 12.00pm
  • Masterclass w/ Branding Illustrator Christopher DeLorenzo – 13/07 @ 7.00pm – 08.30pm
  • Masterclass w/ Branding Illustrator Hedof – 20/07 @ 6.00pm – 7.30pm

In our Masterclasses, illustrator Maïté Franchi will discuss her festive campaign work for beauty brand Kiehls and her collaboration with Adobe. Christopher DeLorenzo will take you through his work for New Balance and Warby Parker; and Hedof will share his work for YouTube and his award winning branding identify for Helseutvalget, an independent foundation from Norway.

Expect to gain access to exclusive content as they each lift the curtain on their top secret tools, techniques and creative processes!

Creative Briefings w/ Design Agencies (Zoom Webinar*)

  • Owen + Tori Phillips-Walmsely, Creative Directors at Oat – 04/07 @ 10.30am
  • Ben Steers, Creative Director + Mike Frost, Digital Lead at Fiasco Design – 11/07 @ 10.30am

Sessions will be divided into an Industry Talk, Briefing + Ask Me Anything Q&A!

Live Feedback Sessions w/ Design Agencies  (Zoom)

  • Oat – 06/07 @ 5.00pm + 07/07 @ 10.30am BST
  • Fiasco Design – 13/07 @ 5.00pm + 14/07 @ 10.30am BST

Our creative directors will host two interactive group workshop sessions to give you feedback, guidance and direction at the sketch stage. Further feedback will be provided at colour rough stage, inside our private group at specific points during the challenge!

Final Showcase (Zoom) Pick ONE to attend + Award Ceremony

  • Afternoon Showcase – 25/07 @ 6.00pm – 8.00pm
  • Morning Showcase – 26/07 @ 10.30am – 12.30pm
  • Evening Showcase – 27/07 @ 7am – 9am

Award Ceremony – 28/07 @ 12.00pm (Live Stream)

*Please note – our zoom webinars are watch & listen only; you will not have your video cameras on. All participants will be invited to ask questions and interact with one another in the chat, however this is optional.

Download the full schedule here.

Meet your hosts

Our 28 Day Branding Illustration Challenge is brought to you by Inkygoodness Collective. Live workshop sessions will be hosted by Lisa Hassell and her co-host Joel Ebsworth, a designer and illustrator based in Sydney and founder of Studio JoelEbs.

Lisa Hassell – Founder of Inkygoodness + Inkygoodness Collective

Lisa Hassell is a creative consultant, public speaker, design writer and founder of Inkygoodness, an organisation focused on championing emerging illustration talent. Founded in 2010 on a shoestring, Inkygoodness now has a global audience of 70k, made up of design students, creative graduates and young professionals. Previously she ran WE ARE GOODNESS, a creative consultancy and illustration agency representing a diverse roster of international artists.

As an artist agent she has worked with art buyers, advertising agencies and design studios to deliver illustration to clients like Google UX, Google Play, Facebook, The Guardian and New York Magazine. In 2022 she launched Inkygoodness Collective; a brand new online membership for emerging and established artists and illustrators.

Joel Ebsworth – Designer, Illustrator and Co-Host at Inkygoodness Collective

Studio JoelEbs is the accumulation of years of varied creative experiences. Unwilling to accept a single label, Joel has continued to refine his craft in order to be an illustrative led designer, who puts the art into creative thinking. Working across Food and Beverage, Events, Technology and Innovation, and Mural Activations; Joel loves to express a multi-pronged effort to creative problem solving. His expertise includes Packaging Design, Art Direction, Visual Identity, Print Design, Mural Painting & Merchandise Design and more. Joel runs Bring Your Work, a dedicated space inside Inkygoodness Collective to support our artist community. He will be on hand throughout the challenge to lend technical support, feedback and inject a boost of motivation when you need it!

What Else Do I Need to Know?

The most important thing to know about this 28-Day Challenge is that this is going to stretch you – and that by committing the time you’ll leave with TWO awesome branding illustration projects for your portfolio.

Use this Challenge to complete your first (or next) branding illustration a little bit faster and with more focus than doing it alone on your own!

Please note – due to the structure and format of the 28-day challenge, our industry talks and illustration masterclasses will ONLY be available to artists enrolled on the challenge.

Our brand new 28 day challenge will start on Monday 3rd July at 7pm BST with a Kick-Off session led by Lisa. Then, the Challenge will end on Friday 28th July with our Award Ceremony!

Artists taking part in the 28 Day Creative Challenge will be invited to join our private group hosted inside Inkygoodness Collective on Monday 3rd July 2023.

Join our new 28-Day Branding Illustration Challenge now!


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